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Getting to know the Colonel again

One-time Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Chester Crocker and two American oil companies are urging President George W. Bush to start a cautious rapprochement with ...

Who's for the White House?

Washington promises carrots for its allies and sticks for all the rest

The leaders of Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti and other east African countries will visit the United States in the next few months for a regional mini-summit with President George W. Bu...

Walter's woes

Walter H. Kansteiner III looks worried. The trigger for his troubles is his Sudan policy which has annoyed his White House mentor. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs ...


US government departments are fighting for control of President George W. Bush's trumpeted Millennium Challenge Account, eventually worth US$5 billion a year.

Not forgotten

The anniversary of the 11 September attacks has brought a surprise for the National Islamic Front government: the demand by over 600 victims' relatives for more than US$1 trillion ...

Bank accountability

The United States Congress may compel US banks to disclose accounts held by foreign politicians, when state funds may have been stolen. On 9 May, the House of Representatives Finan...

Doing the business

The third US-Africa Business Summit, in Philadelphia on 30 October – 2 November was larger and more successful than the previous ones in Washington (1999) and Houston (2000) – desp...

Washington's new pragmatism

Forget the broad principles, Bush's people prefer trade, practical details and anti-terrorism

Africa will see little of the billions of dollars being pumped into the United States' military, diplomatic and intelligence services since the 11 September attacks. However, alrea...

Who's selling who?

The Islamist International needs its friends in Khartoum but the price is rising

Sudan's government is walking a tightrope. Since the United States' and British bombing of Afghanistan began on 7 October, the threat to the National Islamic Front (aka National Co...

Everyone's catastrophe

The slaughter in the USA creates more economic and political problems for Africans

Every African government sent condolences to Washington after the attacks of 11 September and popular sympathy everywhere was with the victims. However, opinion is divided on Washi...

Displaying 151-160 out of 194 results.