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Duty free

This day has been a long time coming, but it is here.' So declared US President Bill Clinton on 18 May, before signing the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). This is meant t...

Influence for sale

Washington lobbyists see their market undercut by a new twist in government policy

The select band of highly-paid lobbyists in Washington is feeling the heat from the United States government's most activist Africa policy for more than a decade. Under previous go...

The lobbyists' list

Competition is fierce in Washington for public relations dollars from Africa

From their own investigations and from records at the United States Justice Department in Washington, Africa Confidential's correspondents have compiled a list of current and recen...

Quarrelsome lobby

The National Summit on Africa in Washington on 16-20 February attracted several star speakers, such as United States President Bill Clinton and Organisation of African Unity Secret...

Presidential accounts

Between the banks and the ruling families, Africa's money runs out

President Bill Clinton's government wants to crack down on the private-banking departments of some major US banks through which, it is alleged, corrupt foreign officials have laund...

Transatlantic tryst

Clinton's White House and Mandela's Tuynhuys have a special relationship

Washington now has closer relations with the African National Congress government than with any other in Africa, including the governments of Egypt and Morocco. The institutionali...

Battle lines in Washington and Africa

Washington's ministerial meeting raised morale but offered no new strategies for tackling the worsening regional conflicts

For a time during Washington’s 16-18 March Africa Ministerial Conference, the capital’s political hatchets were buried and politicians, business people and bureaucrats applauded th...

Washington Who's Who

The capital's Africanists are divided over new policies and their authors

Few are indifferent about Washington’s Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Susan Rice, who inspires critics and loyalists in almost equal measure. The press oscillate...

Displaying 161-170 out of 188 results.