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Population: 18.54 mn.
GDP: $15.29 bn.
Debt: $4.37 bn.

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    Vol 56 No 24 |
  • MALI

Attack targets peace deal

The Bamako hotel attack is meant to hinder the Algiers accord, which recently showed signs of gaining greater acceptance

The days since Islamist gunmen attacked the Radisson Blu hotel in Bamako on 20 November, killing 20 civilians, have confirmed both the scale and complexity of the security challeng...

    Vol 56 No 20 |
  • MALI

IBK ploughs into trouble

The President's 'gift' to farmers of 1,000 tractors is not all it seems. It isn't the first public procurement problem to crop up

President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta is in the midst of another big public spending row after making a supposedly personal gift of 1,000 tractors to rural communities, just in time for...

    Vol 56 No 18 |
  • MALI

GATIA digs in

Fighters of a pro-government militia, the Groupe d'autodéfense touareg imghad et alliés , have agreed to withdraw from the northern town of Anéfis but appear to be in no hurry to d...

    Vol 56 No 13 |
  • MALI

A peace deal, against all odds

The much delayed signing of a new accord between north and south offers a chance to defeat the jihadists and sideline the secessionists

Three days after presiding on 20 June over the signing in Bamako of a peace agreement between northern rebels and President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta, Mongi Hamdi was in New York tryi...

    Vol 56 No 12 |
  • MALI

Desert war, Bamako rumbles

Shaky peace negotiations in the north and growing Wahabii influence in the south suggest the government is increasingly out its depth

As the government and various northern-based rebels prepare to sign another 'final agreement' in Bamako on 20 June, alarm is growing about the deterioration of security across the ...

    Vol 56 No 10 |
  • MALI

MNLA on the back foot

The latest battle for territory between pro-government forces and militants threatens Mali’s fragile peace process

The main Tuareg secessionist group, the Mouvement national de libération de l'Azawad, has been losing ground – literally and politically – to pro-government forces. The government-...

    Vol 56 No 5 |
  • MALI

Truce trouble

Leaders of the Tuareg armed groups fighting for the recognition of northern Mali as an autonomous or independent Azawad face the challenge of keeping supporters on board following ...

    Vol 56 No 1 |
  • MALI

IBK on the back foot

Peace talks with Tuareg rebels and the President’s dented reputation both need their credibility restored

Deadlock in the peace talks with Tuareg rebels promises continued instability and paralysed development for northern Mali this year – unless Algerian mediators step up the pressure...

    Vol 55 No 21 |
  • MALI

Crisis returns as talks falter

Negotiations over the future of the north have resumed without much sign of any rapprochement

Lethal attacks by jihadists on United Nations' forces and armed clashes among Tuareg factions take place against a background of another round of sluggish peace talks in Algiers. N...

    Vol 55 No 19 |
  • MALI

MINUSMA minus one

Albert Gerard 'Bert' Koenders, the United Nations Secretary General's Special Representative in Mali, may soon be en route to the Hague, where he is seen as the favourite for Nethe...

Displaying 41-50 out of 139 results.