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Population: 37.37m
GDP: $152.38bn
Debt: 70.4% GDP (2024)

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Reasons to be fearful

Diplomatic spats with erstwhile European allies and rumblings in Western Sahara are unsettling the Makhzen

As they survey the country from the Makhzen (ruling establishment), King Mohammed VI (M6) and his advisors view the new year with some foreboding. The reasons aren't obvious.

The PJD loses its base

The monarchy has deftly marginalised Islamist parties through a mixture of intimidation and co-optation

The Parti de la Justice et du Développement (PJD) members of former Prime Minister Saad Eddine el Othmani's government suffered a string of policy humiliations as ministers ...


Fishing in undiplomatic waters

Brussels bureaucrats and Moroccan diplomats are trying to find a way around another troublesome European Court ruling

The ruling by the European Court of Justice confirming its refusal to extend the EU's trade and fisheries agreements with Morocco to cover the Western Sahara marks another setback ...


A win for the Makhzen

The victory for Aziz Akhannouch’s loyal liberal party promises a government the king can count on

When King Mohammed VI (M6) asked billionaire businessman Aziz Akhannouch to form a government, their meeting on 10 September formalised the victory of secular over Islamist faction...


Adieu Saad Eddine el Othmani, bonjour Aziz Akhannouch

The parliamentary elections have strengthened the authority of King Mohammed VI and the Makhzen

The crushing defeat of the Islamist Parti de la justice et du développement in the parliamentary elections on 8 September shakes up the political scene with a coalition led by the ...

Spy chiefs on manoeuvres

Rival security agencies and factions are battling for influence in both Rabat and Algiers, feeding worsening regional tensions

The recent media reports suggesting Moroccan security services were using the Pegasus spyware by Israel's NSO – possibly with the financial support of the United Arab Emirate...

Spain feels M6's fury

Using migrants to pressure Spain underlines the Saharan conflict's central position in Palace thinking

Rabat's 'encouragement' last month for a wave of migrants who, freed of Moroccan policing, promptly descended on the Spanish-ruled enclave of Ceuta, blew Saharan sands to a most se...

Displaying 21-30 out of 125 results.