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United States

Joseph Robinette Biden

Date of Birth: 20 November 1942
Place of Birth: Scranton, Pennsylvania

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Succès on K-Street

That is likely to be a tough ask since Kaka has curried favour in the international community by pitching himself as an enemy of jihadist terrorism and alone among the Sahel's military rulers was invited to President Joe Biden's African leaders summit last December...

The art of a deal

Kenya expects to complete a trade deal with the United States by the end of this year the first bilateral pact inked by President Joe Biden's administration say officials involved in the talks...

Kigali frees 'Hotel Rwanda' hero to assuage Washington

While Blinken and President Joe Biden have welcomed his liberation Rusesabagina – whose terrorism sentence has been commuted but not rescinded Rwandan officials stress – will not officially be hailed as a returning hero when he flies to San Antonio Texas for a checkup at the US military facility which processes released hostages...


Samia builds her base and sets down markers

She has also been to Oman Doha Egypt (for COP 27) and received the new Kenyan President William Ruto before going to China and the United States meeting President Joe Biden and doing deals with the major international financial institutions...


Super-charged partisanship in Congress could swing Africa policy

They blocked her from being the lead Democrat on the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs committee Policy-makers expect a more assertive Congressional approach to US-Africa relations following President Joe Biden's promise to step up US political and economic engagement with Africa at last December's leaders' summit (Dispatches 29/11/22 President Biden hosts African leaders amid multiple crises)...


Displaying 1-10 out of 113 results.