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What hope for the juntas' promised elections?

As the security threats multiply and international troops are forced out, the military rulers in the Sahel have equivocated about their commitments to restoring civilian rule

The promise of electoral contests to restore constitutional and nominally civilian rule will be a key issue across much of West and West-Central Africa this year, and particularly ...

Tumbling support for ANC ends liberation era

With forecasts that it will win under 50% of the vote in this year's elections, the ruling party prepares for a sea-change

The African National Congress (ANC) will be gravely weakened in this year's national and provincial elections with its share of the vote likely to fall below 50%, but it will not b...


Austerity is no brake on Ruto's ambitions

The President's political dominance after his first full year in office is near total

The speed at which William Ruto shoe-horned his allies into key positions in the political and economic system after his election as president less than 18 months ago still shocks ...

Tinubu risks overplaying his hand

Career-politician President Tinubu's espousal of business-friendly economics could cost him support this year

As the President's lengthy convoy snaked its way through the bustling streets of Isale-Eko (Lagos Island), where he was to attend the last Friday prayers of the year at a mosque, t...

Harsh economics and geopolitics loom

Another year of a weak currency and austerity, backed by the IMF, lies ahead as the crisis in Gaza poses deep challenges to Sisi and his circle

The inflationary surge that followed successive devaluations of the currency in 2022 will take time to ease, as further depreciation of the Egyptian pound is likely in 2024, while ...

Reality catches up with gambler Abiy

Prime minister Abiy's diplomatic ploy may distract attention from a weakening central state and economy

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's announcement on New Year's Day that his country would be granted access to the Red Sea by the breakaway republic of Somaliland illustrates his penchant ...

Frelimo set to steal polls again

The massive fraud in the local elections looks like a dress rehearsal for Frelimo fixing the result of the presidential contest in October

All eyes are on the October general election, which will produce no surprises. Having practised the fraud in the municipal polls of October 2023, the ruling Frente de Liberta&ccedi...

Public's patience is running short

Election promises remain unfulfilled, and unresolved big issues like debt and mining policy raise questions about ruling party competence

Despite surging into government on a wave of popular relief at the departure of President Edgar Lungu's haphazard, venal government in August 2021, Zambians still await, with dwind...

The end is nigh – sort of

The governing elite is splitting as Biya's 91st birthday approaches, while the Anglophone insurgency grinds on and elections loom

Cameroonians do not look forward to what 2024 has to offer as all the drivers of conflict, corruption, and divisiveness in government look set to intensify amid expectations of imm...

Displaying 1-10 out of 12 results.