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Europe's economies race to look good

Although they refuse to finance the IMF's global vaccine plan, the world's richest economies compete on pledges to share out the shots

After it became clear that rich countries would get Covid-19 vaccines far faster than the global south having tied up all the procurement contracts last year, they started to out-p...


Cash for 'clearing houses'

Denmark is in talks that could see Rwanda process asylum-seekers currently in the EU country or arriving there in return for development aid. Once the property of the hard right, a...


Aid with election strings attached

The EU is tag teaming with the US to keep up pressure on Addis Ababa for reconciliation measures ahead of the June election

The European Union will send an election observation mission for June's general elections in Ethiopia, and has restarted sending humanitarian aid to the country, but there are stri...



Lisbon looks south

As President of the European Council this year, Portugal is prioritising commercial and security ties with Africa

João Gomes Cravinho, Portugal's defence minister, wants to strengthen political dialogue between the European Union and African decision-makers. Most European countries have milit...


Old treaty rolls over

After two years of negotiations the white smoke of a successor to the Cotonou Agreement – which governs trade and political relations between the European Union and the African, Ca...

An uncivil union

The EU and the AU are pressing ahead with plans for a 'strategic partnership' but the rhetoric masks serious disagreements

Closer agreement on development assistance and its goals between the European Union and Africa was one of the first foreign policy initiatives to come out of President Ursula von d...

Displaying 21-30 out of 103 results.