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Farmers take on agribusiness

Asian agribusiness companies face opposition from NGOs and locals who claim that communities have the right to manage their lands

Uncertainty over land rights is stirring controversy for palm oil developers in Liberia. Local and international non-governmental organisations have targeted two agribusiness giant...

China cool on intervention

Japan and India have pledged their support but China has legal – and ideological – doubts about the French response to the crisis

Japan promised US$120 million, India $101 mn. and China $1 mn. These headline pledges in emergency aid to Mali graphically illustrate Beijing’s unease at a crisis-management strate...

South Africa scrambles for Africa

The African National Congress (ANC) government has ordered South African state-owned companies to mount an aggressive trade offensive into Africa to counter the onslaught of invest...

Growth in a time of global austerity

Despite the global slowdown, Africa-Asia trade moves full steam ahead

State-owned oil company PT Pertamina made its largest African acreage purchase in December. A deal for stakes in three Algerian blocks owned by United States company ConocoPhillips...

Asian ambassadors offer economic advice

Jettisoning their traditional reticence, Asian ambassadors to Zimbabwe are now advising the government on how to turn around the economy, build infrastructure and attract foreign i...

Textile trouble

The garment industry is Africa’s first rung on the ladder of industrialisation but Asian competition has been wrecking it

Asian textile factories in Africa are often the scene of angry confrontation between workers and management, governments and traders. Asian production is widely seen as a threat to...

A temporary revolution

A new study from the University of Oxford’s Centre for the Study of African Economies* reveals that the boom in Asian textile investment in Africa is over. To avoid quotas imposed ...

Noel Naval Tata

Managing Director, Tata International

Noel Tata was never a serious contender to succeed his half-brother Ratan Tata at the head of Tata Group. He seems content with running Tata International, the overseas arm of ...

Getting the oil to flow again

Chinese oil companies have been involved in the talks between Juba and Khartoum but Beijing still prefers quiet, behind-the-scenes pressure

There is a surprising mood of optimism amongst politicians and oil company officials in Juba as South Sudan and Sudan enter the latest round of negotiations on oil and border issue...

Displaying 21-30 out of 105 results.