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Mixed messages

The Parti Démocratique Gabonais government is sending mixed messages to its Asian partners, to its people and to the regions hosting several major projects. Its representatives ha...

South Africa looks east

Lethargy in US and European markets has pushed the ANC government to fast-track deeper ties with Asia, but not everyone is convinced that it will work

European officials expressed anger in early June about the governing African National Congress’s new strategy to sideline South Africa’s traditional trading allies and forge closer...

President Sall’s priorities

Macky Sall is auditing the government of his predecessor and choosing which of his projects the new government will pursue

Macky Sall will celebrate his first 100 days in office in July. The new President is making discrete changes to relations with Asian countries established under his predecessor, Ab...

Threats to Lamu lifeline

Conflict between the Sudans, lack of consultation with local people and regional politics could undermine the massive project

As the conflict between the two Sudans escalates, plans continue for the oil pipeline and new port at Lamu. Japan’s Toyota Tsusho Corporation, the leading investor and the first co...

Chinese traders set up shop

Small-scale Chinese merchants have established operations in major urban centres and rural outposts, leading to increased competition, violence and calls for government intervention

Business doors open wide

Ministers and business leaders from Kuala Lumpur to Hanoi are scouting for African deals as global political and economic power shifts eastward

The Jakarta government expects 100% growth in exports to Africa over the next three years. They grew by 30% to US$3.5 billion in 2010 and should hit $4.5 bn. in 2011. More than hal...

Longing for Lamu

Kenya’s coalition government wants to start a monumental infrastructure project but is having trouble coming up with the funds

The Nairobi government is rallying its Asian partners behind the new Lamu port and associated road and railway projects that will link the Kenyan coast to South Sudan and Ethiopia....

USA shapes Asia plans

US officials are talking to their counterparts in Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul to find ways to coordinate policies and operations

United States Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Johnnie Carson’s week-long trip to Asia in November reaffirmed Washington’s combative relationship with China and its desire t...

Wild cats and King Cobra

After being elected president, Michael Sata has softened his combative stance towards Chinese mine owners so now the trades unions are leading the charge

After just two months in office, President Michael Chilufya Sata has made a complete turnaround in his attitude to China. He once criticised Chinese investors but now wants to use ...

Displaying 31-40 out of 105 results.