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Maputo shuns US concern

The government appears indifferent about beefing up coastal security and introducing anti-pirate laws

The United States is making little headway in its bid to get Mozambique and other coastal states to beef up their anti-piracy laws and their military response. It also wants action...

USA shapes Asia plans

US officials are talking to their counterparts in Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul to find ways to coordinate policies and operations

United States Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Johnnie Carson’s week-long trip to Asia in November reaffirmed Washington’s combative relationship with China and its desire t...

Are the politicians high?

Gossip in Accra produced entertaining US diplomatic cables but raises serious questions about rising political tensions

Politicians in Accra have been exploiting sensational material in the latest batch of leaked United States diplomatic cables. The gossip, insights and purportedly inside informatio...

Too little, too late

The President’s promise to fight corruption after the elections seems to have convinced neither diplomats nor voters

While publicly condemning corruption, President Rupiah Bwezani Banda gave United States diplomats various explanations of why he could do little about it, according to US State Dep...

US sources run for cover

The unredacted WikiLeaks release of US cables from Harare exposes senior politicians and soldiers to witch-hunts

The Zimbabwean media gave blanket coverage to the WikiLeaks cables from the United States Embassy in Harare, released last month. Nearly 3,000 dispatches cover the last decade and ...

Terrorist listing

One leaked United States cable must have pleased a Khartoum regime eager toescape the US State Sponsors of Terrorism list. A ‘confidential’ note from the Khartoum Embassy of 26 Dec...

No EITI for UK

Britain is refusing to follow United States President Barack Obama in joining the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative. Asked why Britain would not take part, even though ...

Play the game

The United States was engaged in the ‘rendition’ of prisoners from Nigeria to the USA even before the attacks of 11 September 2001, according to US State Department cables newly re...

Leak now, pay later

Attorney General Johannes Tomana has the unenviable job of investigating for possible prosecution all Zimbabweans identified as sources of information for United States’ diplomats ...

Displaying 71-80 out of 193 results.