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Population: 6.37 mn.
GDP: $51 bn.
Debt: n/a

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Everyone wants to be president

Politicians past, present and aspiring scrambled to get on the ballot paper for the presidential election in December adding to doubts about its viability

Nominations for candidates in the country’s first-ever presidential elections closed on 22 November. With less than a month to go until the first round of voting, the politic...

Eastern strongman squares up for the polls

As the country takes faltering steps towards elections set for December, only General Haftar has so far entered the ring

Having failed to become master of his country by the bullet with the collapse last year of his 14-month offensive against Tripoli, eastern-based General Khalifa Haftar has opted fo...

Doubts on elections multiply

The power-sharing government has named a new premier and agreed to reunify the country but the transition is well behind schedule

Officially, the Libyan civil war is over, the country has a single government of national unity (GNU) and a three-man Presidency Council (PC). Almost all of its previously split in...

Dubaiba's honeymoon

The new unity government is being courted internationally, but it’s threatened by rivalry between myriad armed factions

Libya's new Government of National Unity (GNU), sworn into office on 15 March, is now widely accepted, despite accusations of vote-buying at the UN-organised Libyan Political Dialo...

Biden's balancing act

The US is threatening sanctions against spoilers, and is ready for military action against Islamists

The political map in Libya has dramatically changed in the past few weeks. For the first time in over six years, the country has a single administration – the government of nationa...

Fortune favours new regime

War fatigue and unexpected compromise have combined to give the leaders of the new transitional government a flying start

Ten years from the start of the revolution that overthrew the Moammar el Gadaffi regime and six-and-a-half years after Libya split in two and civil war began, a unitary transitiona...


Former Ambassador Manfi to head new interim government

Politicians and civic activists agree on a national unity government to prepare for elections at the end of this year 

The vote in Geneva on 5 February to establish an interim government of national unity to replace the two rival administrations paves the way for elections on 24 December, ending a ...


Jagged path to elections

Libya now has a shortlist of 21 candidates for the post of prime minister and 24 for the three vacancies on the Presidency Council (one president and two vice-presidents), the UN a...

Polls, parlays and proxies

Practically every conceivable factor in Libya’s chaos could prevent planned year-end elections, but they may yet succeed

Only one thing is in Libya's diary for 2021: presidential and parliamentary elections on 24 December, the 70th anniversary of the country's independence in 1951. All 75 local polit...

Hope without optimism for the new deal

War-weary citizens welcome the UN-brokered ceasefire but the foreign sponsors of the conflict have the casting vote

Politicians and fighters in Libya's civil war are due to meet for face-to-face talks in Tunis on 9 November in what will be a key test of the latest UN-brokered ceasefire. Hopes ar...

Displaying 1-10 out of 126 results.