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Population: 103.2m
GDP: $73.76bn
Debt: 11.1% of GDP (2024)

news from Congo-Kinshasa

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Kinshasa gets a new business Poynt man

Washington consultant tapped to facilitate meeting of US and Congo-K business and political leaders in further sign of warming relations

Officials in Kinshasa have tasked United States businessman Aaron Poynton with organising a roundtable for US and Congolese business and political leaders in the coming weeks, as d...


US mulls Gertler deal to secure minerals

The Biden administration risks undermining the credibility of the Magnitsky Act that was used to impose sanctions on the Israeli billionaire

The US government has proposed a deal with Israeli mining magnate Dan Gertler that would enable Gertler to sell his remaining royalty streams in Congolese mining assets and exit th...


A failed coup with an American twist

Congolese troops shot dead an exiled politician and arrested three US citizens after an attack on the home of the deputy prime minister

President Félix Tshisekedi’s officials say that the Congolese army foiled an attempted coup in the early hours of Sunday morning, after armed men attacked the house of Vital Kamerh...


Mobutu-style economic nationalism returns

State officials led by Kashal Katemb are bent on restructuring company ownership in favour of Congolese business people

Foreign companies in Congo-Kinshasa are increasingly alarmed at what they see as a wave of economic nationalism that revives the politics of 'Zaïreanisation' under the three-d...

Harsh realities face Tshisekedi after vote

Its abundance of critical minerals encouraged outsiders to ignore election abuses but Congo's governance crisis holds up everything

Félix Tshisekedi's second presidential mandate is assured, and he has politically vanquished his domestic opposition after the 20 December elections. But his rhetoric on the...

Displaying 1-10 out of 547 results.