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Published 20th September 1996

Vol 37 No 19

An uphill struggle

Human rights organisations on Africa are growing in number, if not in influence

Since the end of the Cold War, international non-governmental organisations working on human rights in Africa have been reassessing their operations and roles. Robust local human rights organisations have grown up within Africa, such as Lawyers for Human Rights in South Africa or Nigeria’s Civil Liberties Organisation. A Southern African Development Community network of human rights NGOs will be launched in November. Women and law networks have sprung up, especially in east and southern Africa, with a special focus on women’s property and inheritance rights.

Sorting out Savimbi

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The UN is making progress on the military front but can't find a job for the rebel leader

Piece by piece, Angolans and the United Nations are knitting the government and rebel armies together but the critical issue – the future role of Jonas Savimbi – is unresolved. Unt...

Deft Diouf

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The municipal elections may comfort the opposition without shaking the President

Elections in Senegal tend to breed crises. In 1983, 1988 and 1993, they ended in violence and gaol for opposition politicians. No such fireworks are expected at the municipal polls...

No more Nujoma

The President seems to want five more years, despite what the constitution says

President Sam Nujoma seems unhappy about the rule that he must hand over to a successor at the turn of the century. His democratic credentials have not been enhanced by the ministe...


Man-made floods

Despite major questions about its value, Colonel Moammar el Gadaffi is pressing ahead with his Great Man-Made River. He has promised South Korea's Dong Ah Construction and Industri...

Less funds for guns

As the security situation appears to worsen, a row has blown up over government payments to South African-owned Executive Outcomes. A leaked letter from the International Monetary ...

Hot pursuits

Ethiopia is stepping up pressure on its opponents. Attacks early in August on Somalia-based Al Itahad Islamists (AC Vol 37 No 17) were followed by cross-border incursions west of H...