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Published 19th January 1996

Vol 37 No 2

A look ahead

Map Copyright © Africa Confidential 1996-2016
Map Copyright © Africa Confidential 1996-2016

Soldiers and born-again democrats have been promising fair elections. This year Africans test their claims

Africa needs some boredom, according to a senior official in West Africa. By that, he meant he wants fewer coups, conflicts or spectacular economic collapses. But Africa's Cassandras have already been busy this year. Two weeks into the new year, Africa has had its first coup (see Pointers: Sierra Leone) and peace accords in Angola and Liberia are looking shakier. Burundi, now regarded as the worst conflict on the continent, teeters on the brink of total collapse. Sudan's civil war is in a new period of ferocity, exacerbated by regional hostility to its Islamist government. Somalia's and Zaïre's futures are equally problematic and concern is mounting about the ability of Nigeria’s military to hold the country's fractious components together much longer.

Rolling with the punches

Vice-President Arkaah's claim that President Rawlings beat him up helps the opposition

Whatever happened at the 28 December Cabinet meeting at State House, it is helping the opposition's campaign for this year's elections. According to President Jerry Rawlings' suppo...

Bugging the buggers

Mysterious deaths and tapped telephones raise questions about the security services

Who bugged the telephones of South Africa's top policemen, and why? Some of the country's security operatives want to find out, others to keep it quiet. National Police Commissione...

Zeroual's next move

Disarray in the Islamist opposition is making the President more confident

Following his convincing win in November's election, President Lamine Zeroual faces the much harder task of holding legislative elections this year. Harder for him because he hasn'...

Kasaï takes off

Diamonds and ethnic solidarity explain the prosperity in the opposition leader's province

As the grip of central government weakens, the province of Eastern Kasaï gains strength. Its new prosperity, putting it ahead of neighbouring Shaba as the nerve-centre of Za&i...


Asylum alarums

Britain's decision to expel Saudi Arabian dissident Mohamed al Mas'ari to Dominica has clouded Whitehall's policy on Islamism. Home Secretary Michael Howard and junior minister Ann...