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Diplomatic wins and aid wobbles

The 12-13 November Group of 20 Summit in Seoul afforded a great opportunity for South Korea to boost its Africa diplomacy. This is based on a modest aid budget, multibillion doll...

Diplomacy overheard

Stripped of polite posturing, the leaked cables offer both predictable assessments and occasional insights into US thinking on the continent

Of the 251,287 United States State Department cables leaked to Wikileaks, 1700 or so have been published, most through The New York Times, The Guardian and Der Spiegel but some onl...

Careless cables cost lives

Wikileaks, or its helpers in the mainstream press, have failed in at least five instances to protect sensitive sources quoted by United States’ diplomats in cables that they have p...

Approaching the summit

The first big question for the European Union-Africa summit in Tripoli on 29-30 November is who will be there. By convention, the Libyan hosts choose their guests. The EU had hoped...

The IMF asks the 5 billion euro question

Fund officials in Washington want more reforms at Central Africa's regional bank after uncovering billions of dollars of unauthorised dealings

Central African finance ministers will face more awkward questions about fraud at their central bank, the Banque des états de l'Afrique centrale, at the annual meeting of th...

Buy now, vote later

Island states with small populations are among the best run; many of the bigger countries are getting richer but more oppressive

The latest Index of African Governance from the Mo Ibrahim Foundation does not explain whether African economies are doing better in spite of or because of more authoritarian, head...

The bonus culture

Payments by oil and mineral companies to ensure that governments sign on the dotted line are not always what they seem

New or renewed deals to explore for or produce minerals must be licensed by governments. When deals are signed, companies expect to hand over a bonus or other upfront payment to sh...

Roaring to go

As demand soars for Africa's oil, gas and minerals, its governments must find ways to strengthen their bargaining power

Optimism about Africa's economies is in fashion, as commodity prices stay high thanks to demand from Asia and Western investors seek outlets for capital that they find no profitabl...

Displaying 351-360 out of 742 results.