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‘An emerging priority’

New Delhi’s diplomats struggle to offer Africa something that Beijing and Washington do not

India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh describes Africa as ‘an emerging priority’ for his government, which is poised to reinforce its economic, diplomatic and security links with t...

The home front

The economic crisis and the changing face of government in Tokyo will result in less attention to Africa

The Democratic Party of Japan’s crisis of popularity forced a cabinet reshuffle and now a new raft of ministers will handle relations with Africa. The replacement of Land, Transpor...

Building without BRICs

Feeling a little slighted by China’s invitation to South Africa to join the BRIC emerging market group, Seoul wants to trade its way to the top

China’s invitation to South Africa – rather than South Korea – to join the developing-country top table group of Brazil, Russia, India and China in December has irritated policy-ma...

South-south support

From Jakarta to Hanoi, Asia’s smaller powers are all building their diplomatic and trade ties with Africa’s emerging economies

North Africa is the prime diplomatic and investment destination for Muslim countries from Southeast Asia like Indonesia. Egypt’s Trade Representation Authority reported that bilate...

Digging deeper

New Delhi wants to beat its international competitors in the race for new oil concessions by building strategic partnerships with Angola and Sudan

India’s diplomats are looking for both commercial and ‘preferential’ means to access oil acreage and to increase oil supplies. However, the Indian government will need to speed up ...

The next big plan

Policymakers face rising expectations and criticisms of Beijing’s trade and investments in Africa

Growing demand for Africa’s minerals, oil, gas and farmland will shape China’s next five-year plan (2011-2015) due to be approved in March 2011. The planning committees have to tak...

How to plan the planning

The ruling Communist Party makes policy and the state bureaucracy implements it but decisions on economic strategy are taking in a wider range of opinion and expertise.

Seoul’s new strategy

A new five-year aid plan sets out Seoul’s goal of matching its economic strength in the diplomatic arena

South Korea is beginning to take its trade and aid more seriously, and Africa stands to benefit. The Seoul government’s hosting of the G-20 Summit in November again shifted the deb...

The Asian aid summit

Seoul intends to keep the promises made at November’s G-20 summit and began by hosting a gathering of Asian development agencies on 19 November.

Stalemate in Seoul

The economic and currency quarrels of the big powers overshadowed President Lee’s efforts to commit the G-20 to stronger development policies

African countries, like most states at the Group of 20 summit in Seoul on 12-13 November, saw their core concerns about growing protectionism and investment flows overshadowed by t...

Displaying 341-350 out of 742 results.