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Give without counting

The Chinese government is slowly changing its aid reporting statistics so that its programmes can be compared to those of other donors

It began with ‘China is a developing country’ and ended by shedding some – but not much – light on Beijing’s global aid programmes. In April, China’s State Council released the gov...

Chasing China

Indian diplomats cannot stop talking about Chinese operations in Africa and are getting more serious about trying to outdo them

New Delhi’s not so secret competition with Beijing is heating up ahead of the second India-Africa Forum in Addis Ababa on 24-25 May. India’s diplomats are adopting Beijing’s most s...

Big plans, small city-state

Singapore is widening its net in Africa. The city-state’s trade with sub-Saharan Africa reached US$8.4 billion in 2009 and it punches above its weight in financial terms. Geographi...


As the world's third-largest economy grapples with disaster, economies around the globe brace for aftershocks

A month after the 9.0 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami that devastated its northeast coast, Japan faces a humanitarian tragedy, a drawn-out nuclear crisis and an exp...

Pitchers required

The World Bank’s African team dispatched a delegation to Tokyo in mid-March to boost its Japanese personnel, as part of Bank President Robert Zoellick’s ongoing reform of the i...

Station to station

Asian rail builders are changing Africa's economic geography but concerns about transparency and corruption are paramount

Africa’s second railway boom is under way. The first was driven by Europe’s colonial powers, who needed to tranport ore, tea, coffee and other goods from the interior to the po...

Riding the rails

Asian-backed railway projects in Africa are linking economic zones and population centres to transform the continent's economy. Africa-Asia Confidential maps out the infrastructure boom.

Building relationships

Energy is at the centre of South Korea’s strategic agenda and the Seoul government wants to improve the country’s position in the African energy market. To that end, Seoul disp...

Opening the tent

A formal study group at the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development is exploring ways to take lessons from China’s development path and apply them to the fight against...

Top in trade and investment

Confirming its status as Africa’s biggest trading partner, Beijing is taking on new diplomatic initiatives that may herald an eventual end to ‘non-interference’

Standing at US$114.8 billion in November 2010, China-Africa trade has bounced back faster than most of Africa’s other foreign trade since the 2008 global financial slowdown. China ...

Displaying 331-340 out of 742 results.