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Fanfares for Africa

The latest fanfare for Africa’s economic prospects comes from the Economist Intelligence Unit’s survey of fund and asset managers, bankers and other financiers for Invest AD, the s...

New technology, new repression

Authoritarian regimes’ use of cellphones is under the spotlight

One of the most striking aspects of last year’s North African revolutions was the use of new technology as a tool for political organisation – and to outwit flatfooted dictatorship...

The long march speeds up

Stronger economies, better education and technology are driving more political change and unrest

Expect turbulence. As well as sound advice from pilots to passengers on aircraft taking off from Kisangani to Kinshasa in Congo-Kinshasa, such warnings look apposite for the year a...

Textile trouble

The garment industry is Africa’s first rung on the ladder of industrialisation but Asian competition has been wrecking it

Asian textile factories in Africa are often the scene of angry confrontation between workers and management, governments and traders. Asian production is widely seen as a threat to...

A temporary revolution

A new study from the University of Oxford’s Centre for the Study of African Economies* reveals that the boom in Asian textile investment in Africa is over. To avoid quotas imposed ...

Noel Naval Tata

Managing Director, Tata International

Noel Tata was never a serious contender to succeed his half-brother Ratan Tata at the head of Tata Group. He seems content with running Tata International, the overseas arm of ...

FOCAC V brings billions more

Talk of a ‘new type of partnership’ was overblown, but Beijing pledged $20 bn. and took first steps toward improving corporate and environmental regulations

With a crucial leadership handover at the end of the year and growing domestic economic concerns, Beijing hosted the Fifth Forum on China-Africa Cooperation on 19-20 July with the ...

Big promises abroad, more worries at home

In July, the International Monetary Fund and World Bank cut growth estimates for China and its African trading partners. The IMF forecast that China’s gross domestic product would ...

Displaying 361-370 out of 840 results.