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Published 1st December 2007

Vol 1 (AAC) No 2

Strategic partnerships

Image courtesy of Panos Pictures
Image courtesy of Panos Pictures

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India competes with China and the West in the rush for contracts, metals and energy

India is upgrading diplomatic, economic and strategic ties with several African states in the search for oil and gas to meet its energy needs, which are expected to double by 2010, in order to sustain its current economic boom. Officials say they intend to build on past support forged during their anti-colonial struggle to strengthen relations with the 53-member African Union and emerging regional organisations by extending credit and by expanding trade and defence links. In exchange, India’s state-owned petroleum major ONGC Videsh Limited has since 2004 secured oil and gas exploration rights in Southern Sudan and Nigeria to add to its concessions in Libya, Algeria and Egypt. India’s Petroleum Ministry, headed by Murli Deora, led the charge to increase the countries exploration and production acreage in Africa at the end of 2007. In early November, India organised its first-ever India-Africa Hydrocarbon Conference, which was attended by 26 African countries and ten ministerial delegations.

Tokyo raises its game

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Following China's lead, Japan is courting Africa with summits and finance

Tokyo’s diplomats and trade officials are promising an upsurge of activity in Africa in 2008, aiming to boost trade and development. Trade Minister Akira Amari speaks unambig...

Soft power & the glory

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Cultural partnerships and Confucius institutes show a wider ambition beyond trade and strategic resources

When China pledged 20 million renminbi this year for education projects in South Africa to include the teaching of Mandarin in 50 local high schools, it was an indication of an em...

Bringing it all back home

Asian buyers face tough competition from local bidders as Shell sells a big stake in its oil business

China has a new competitor for oil resources in Nigeria, according to company leaks and media reports. Royal Dutch/Shell is understood to be looking to sell a 49.8% stake in Oil ...

The great building race

China now has the biggest market share of Africa’s fast-growing construction sector as the demand for energy and transport booms

Chinese construction companies are sprinting ahead of their Western rivals to secure the biggest state contracts and expand their market share in Africa’s new building boom...

Beijing, the rebels’ target

Threats against Chinese oil installations and peacekeepers are stepping up pressure on Beijing-Khartoum relations

Ever since the abduction of two Chinese oil workers by antigovernment rebels in Sudan three years ago, policy-makers in Beijing have wrestled with how best to manage strategic asse...

Another chance for Asia

Indian and South Korean companies are joining their Chinese counterparts in the rush for Congo’s resources.

As well as announcing new deals on mining and infrastructure development, Chinese companies are also moving into Congo’s much depleted agriculture sector. Palm oil is the ...


Liu Guijin

China's Special Representative on African Affairs

Liu Guijin is in an unenviable position. As China’s Envoy to Africa, he must balance its often contradictory priorities: on one hand, China claims the internal affairs of its Afr...

Muhammad Yunus

Managing Director, Grameen Bank

The work of Grameen Bank, which shared the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize with Yunus, its founder, began in 1974 when Yunus handed US$27 from his own pocket to a group of 42 craftswomen. T...

Masahiko Koumura

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Japan

Japan’s Foreign Minister is preparing for a busy, Africa-focused 2008: the fourth Tokyo International Conference on African Development on 28-30 May, and the Group of Eight Summ...

Jiang Jianqing

President and Chairman, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

In a defining moment, the Communist Party of China (CPC) began in 2002 to admit entrepreneurs – unabashed capitalists – to its ranks. Jiang Jianqing, Governor of ICBC, the world’s ...