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Published 1st January 2008

Vol 1 (AAC) No 3


Quiet on the eastern front

Image courtesy of Panos Pictures
Image courtesy of Panos Pictures

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A diplomatic silence from across the Indian Ocean is helping the Kibaki government play down the election crisis

As Western governments consider placing sanctions on Kenyan leader Mwai Kibaki and his ministers for refusing to negotiate over the disputed elections, Asian states have maintained a near deafening silence on the crisis. It seems that Kibaki’s courting of China – he visited President Hu Jintao in 2005 and the following year hosted the Chinese President in Nairobi – has helped to break the West’s grip over Kenya’s foreign and economic policy options.

Diamonds are not forever

Image courtesy of Panos Pictures

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India’s diamond industry looks to African independent producers as supplies from diamond giant De Beers dry up

Indian diamond traders are being forced to import rough diamonds directly from overseas suppliers after South Africa-based De Beers, the world’s largest supplier, recently sl...

Checking the assets

Image courtesy of Panos Pictures

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Big questions are arising about the timing and value of China’s grand foray into Africa’s richest copper and cobalt mines

It could be another three years before China launches its US$3 billion investment into Katanga’s vast reserves of copper and cobalt, according to Congolese mining officials...

Coming cleanish on the money

New details are emerging about Angola’s public finances and the management of the mega-credit lines from Angola

Angola's Finance Ministry has strengthened its policy to promote greater transparency in public finances, with the disclosure of new details about Chinese credit lines that suppo...

The new men in place

Beijing's foreign minister wants to know the implications of Jacob Zuma's ANC presidency

Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi visited South Africa on 7 January 2008 to deepen a relationship which has been elevated to a ‘strategic dialogue’. The visit was to...