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Published 1st November 1996

Vol 37 No 22

The balance of forces

Kinshasa fights with its eastern neighbours after failing to crush the Banyamulenge

As the Zaïrean and Rwandan armed forces traded mortar fire across the border at Cyangugu on 29 October, the conflict in Kivu formally became a regional one. Leading the offensive against Zaïrean army positions in Kivu are the Banyamulenge militias (drawn from Tutsi in eastern Zaïre) supported by government soldiers from Burundi and Rwanda.

Close call

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In the first real election campaign since 1979, tempers are beginning to fray

The smart money is on a close result in the legislative and presidential elections due on 7 December. President Jerry Rawlings is far more popular than his ruling National Democrat...

Election enterprise

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Biya faces two strong opponents but is confident he can outplay them

Later this month, Paul Biya will stand for nomination as presidential candidate at the congress of the ruling Rassemblement Démocratique du Peuple Camérounais. No one seriously dou...

Rebel revival

President Kabbah's shaky democracy lacks cash and the will to settle the war

With no friends and no money, President Tejan Kabbah's government is in deep trouble after less than nine months in office. The rebels of Corporal Foday Sankoh's Revolutionary Unit...


No vote for UNIP

The elections have been set for 18 November, despite ex-President Kenneth Kaunda's insistence that the United National Independence Party and five other parties will boycott them. ...

Capital calls

A row about investment rules is likely to spill into the World Trade Organisation' s first ministerial meeting in Singapore on 9-13 December. Successor organisation to the General ...

Private guns

The National Islamic Front government is negotiating for a private army to help guard Southern oilfields. They appear to favour Executive Outcomes, based in South Africa with offic...