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Published 28th May 1999

Vol 40 No 11

South Africa

Gauteng for Mbeki

The election of a provincial prime minister may give a foretaste of future politics

The smallest and richest of South Africa’s nine provinces seems certain to give the ruling African National Congress a solid majority at the national and provincial elections on 2 June. Yet the arm-twisting which the party has used to pick its provincial leadership has put on show some problems that will be faced again and again by Thabo Mbeki, President Nelson Mandela’s chosen heir as leader of the party and the nation.

Figuring it out

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Up to 2 million fewer votes may be cast in the national and provincial elections on 2 June than in the 1994 polls, which ended the apartheid era. Some opposition politicians claim...

Down, not out

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The mines are still not privatised but the opposition is at last taking shape

Zambia had little to show the World Bank's Consultative Group in Paris on 26-28 May. The future of the government may hang on this meeting. International donors - including Brit...

Reforming the reformers

Schisms are growing in the ruling NDC - much to the delight of the opposition

Jerry John Rawlings' ruling National Democratic Congress is frenetically purging party ranks and has launched a full-frontal assault on a group of dissident NDC politicians known ...

Divided republic

The President is pleasing donors by tackling corruption more resolutely

Once again, the two parts of the not-very-United Republic of Tanzania are heading in different political directions. In Zanzibar, a Commonwealth mediator has forged an agreement (A...

Muluzi's democracy test

Five years after the end of Banda's dicatorship, politics is at a crossroads

Malawi's second multi-party elections are set to be a close-run thing. President Bakili Muluzi's ruling United Democratic Front is neck and neck with the opposition alliance of Gw...


Forced to talk

Weaknesses on both sides may just offer a chance of serious negotiations on power-sharing and amnesty (AC Vol 40 No 6) as talks between President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah and Corporal Fo...

It's Omar II

With a 35 per cent capital increase for the African Development Bank and a replenishment for its soft-loan fund under his belt, ADB President Omar Kabbaj launched his re-election ...