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Published 28th August 1998

Vol 39 No 17


Washington's military option

The USA has fired a missile through accommodationist policies with Khartoum - and escalated the conflict with Islamists

Ten years ago, no one could have imagined that a foreign power would bomb Khartoum and Sudanese would complain that the attack was not hard enough. After nine years of National Islamic Front rule, this happened, on 20 August. When the United States launched its guided missiles on Khartoum, it flattened what it said was a chemical weapons-related factory and also rocked the government. Sources close to US decision-makers say there has long been support for such action across the political, security and military ‘communities’. Beyond Sudan, the world has largely seen the raid as an escalation, a gift to Islamists and Islamophobes alike. Worldwide, police and security officers rushed to protect US-owned and other buildings. At least one person died on 26 August in what was claimed as a reprisal attack on the Planet Hollywood restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa. ‘Muslims Against Global Oppression’ claimed then denied responsibility.

Turning the tables

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The simmering rebellion against Kabila is dividing Eastern and Southern Africa

After less than a month of fighting, Congo’s rebellion has sawn the country in two. The rebels announcing their opposition to President Laurent-Désiré Kabila’s ‘despotism’ and ‘nep...

Hit and hate

Televisionisation and the wish to personify have turned Usama bin Laden into a kind of Robin Hood. Many recall the United States manhunt for General Mohamed Farah ‘Aydeed’. For the...

Manoeuvring in Cairo

A vigorous debate ensued at the National Democratic Alliance summit in Cairo on 15-17 August over the initiative taken at the last meeting of the Inter-Governmental Authority on De...

Mbeki's money men

The ANC's economic gurus are balancing market friendly and vote winning policies

The economy and its capacity to create jobs are the critical issues for the African National Congress in next year’s elections. Flanked by cabinet heavyweights Finance Minister Tre...


Military shopping

A quiet meeting in Oran on 18 August between the Moroccan and Algerian Prime Ministers Abderrahmane El Youssoufi and Ahmed Ouyahia was intended to ease months of rising tensions ov...

Secret exits

In spite of having cut down its defence commitments (the pullout from Bouar and Bangui in the Central African Republic was completed in April), France still maintains a network of ...

To be and not to be

One appointment and one non-appointment stand out in the 31-strong new Federal Executive Council announced by General Abdulsalaami Abubakar on 22 August just before his threeday tr...