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Published 7th August 1998

Vol 39 No 16


War drums sounding

UN special envoy Lakhdar Brahimi's meetings with Dos Santos and Savimbi may be the last hope to rescue the peace accord

Jonas Savimbi is on the presidential campaign trail again. He has ordered his troops into a series of carefully orchestrated hit-and-run attacks against government positions in twelve of the country’s 18 provinces. Insiders from the União Nacional para a Independência Total de Angola insist that Savimbi is still determined to be Angola’s President; it’s the only cause left for him. He has spent the last 33 years fighting, first against Portuguese colonialism, then against communism and its African supporters and most of all, against the 23-year rule of the Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola.

Angola looks east

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Zambia has decades of experience of the Angolan war (AC Vol 39 No 10). It hosts the oldest continuous refugee camp in Africa, Muykwayukwa, opened in 1966 for Angolan refugees. Thre...

Another Congo crisis

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New claims emerge that the UNHCR financed arms shipments to Mobutu's soldiers

As a new rebellion from the east gets under way in Congo- Kinshasa, more questions are being asked about the role of the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees...

Pre-millenial tension

A military adventure abroad and political squabbles at home

By sending Senegalese soldiers into Guinea-Bissau, President Abdou Diouf has muddied the pool of Dakar’s politics. The bitter rebellion in the southern province of Casamance made l...

Questions of succession

Replacing veteran Vice-President Joshua Nkomo has opened new political divisions

Zimbabwe has two vice-presidents, Joshua Nkomo and Simon Muzenda, but people may have forgotten that Nkomo still exists. He does not appear in public; President Robert Mugabe conti...


Last ditch

The Organisation of African Unity was working ‘flat-out to avert a full-scale war’, said Secretary General Salim Ahmed Salim at last weekend’s peace summit in Ouagadougou. Yet rene...

Lomé out of Lomé

The rigging of Togo’s 21 June presidential election (AC Vol 39 No 14) may lead to Lomé being thrown out of the Convention named after it. The European Commission has set in motion ...

Money doubling

Enigmatic Malian businessman and marabout Babani Sissoko’s finances are under the spotlight again following the start of legal proceedings against him in Miami by the Dubai Islamic...