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Published 19th January 1998

Vol 39 No 1

Big men, big countries, big hopes

As the post-Mobutu order consolidates in central Africa, the focus will shift to political and military struggles in Sudan and West Africa

Africa's eyes are on four countries - Angola, Congo-Kinshasa, Nigeria and Sudan - whose political conflicts are reaching a critical point. Political success means these countries' oil, gas, agricultural and mineral riches could give an economic dividend to their region and beyond. But if they fail, the fall-out will hold back even the tentative economic recovery that some smaller African states are making. World Bank and International Monetary Fund economists speak cautiously of an African turnaround in 1998; they forecast growth of 5 per cent, well above global growth projections of 4.3 per cent. Five African countries grew at more than 10 per cent last year, the Bank says. The bad news this year is that economic locomotive South Africa is unlikely to improve much on its sluggish real growth of some 2 per cent in 1997; and the El Niño-propelled drought is likely to stymie growth elsewhere in Southern Africa, particularly Zimbabwe. In East Africa, it has already triggered disastrous floods.

Close shave

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After the elections shambles, President Moi and KANU are still in power - just

It is clear that if the presidential and parliamentary elections had been free, fair and properly organised and if the opposition had not been chronically divided (AC Vol 39 No 24)...

Nous pas bouger

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Government and opposition say they want to talk but then say 'We won't budge'

French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin's visit to Bamako on 20- 21 December was perceived as a show of support for President Alpha Oumar Konaré and his regime, which is happy to be de...

'Next year in Kadugli'

The Nuba are caught in the middle but no one has asked them what they want

All eyes are on the south and east in expectation of major fighting between the National Islamic Front government and the opposition National Democratic Alliance. Yet also crucial ...


The first Nuba Advisory Council was convened by Sudan People's Liberation Army Commander Yousif Kuwa in 1992 after 400 of his troops died trying to bring ammunition into the Nuba M...


Rotters or plotters?

On the face it, the 21 December allegation that the Deputy Head of State, Lieutenant General Oladipo Diya, Major General Tunji Olanrewaju, Maj. Gen. Abdulkarim Adisa and eight othe...

Cairo's round

Somali faction leaders have been meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, this week to try to salvage the agreement reached in Cairo on 22 December. Signatories to the Egyptian- sponsored...


Contrary to our article in AC Vol 38 No 25, Sudan is a signatory of the international treaty banning anti-personnel landmines (APMs) agreed in Ottawa in December. However, Khartoum...