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Published 1st November 2011

Vol 5 (AAC) No 1


Wild cats and King Cobra

The sun rises over the wetlands of Lake Bangweulu, Zambia. Credit: Kieran Dodds / Panos
The sun rises over the wetlands of Lake Bangweulu, Zambia. Credit: Kieran Dodds / Panos

Image courtesy of Panos Pictures

After being elected president, Michael Sata has softened his combative stance towards Chinese mine owners so now the trades unions are leading the charge

After just two months in office, President Michael Chilufya Sata has made a complete turnaround in his attitude to China. He once criticised Chinese investors but now wants to use them to develop Zambia’s economy. The full force of his government is focused on reassuring its partners in Beijing, leaving workers and human rights groups to attack the activities of Chinese mining companies. In opposition, Sata (aka King Cobra) blamed Chinese investors for abuse and corruption; as President, he blames the former government for fraud in handing out working papers.

Underground and under threat

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Non-governmental organisation Human Rights Watch launched the first in-depth report about abusive practices in Chinese-owned mines in Zambia on 3 November. It is based on the evide...

Harare in the sky with diamonds

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The government is working on a diamond-backed deal to buy new aeroplanes as the Kimberley Process allows the country to export gems again

The Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) government has tried to disguise its plan for China Sonangol to finance new airplanes for Air Zimbabwe. The joint vent...

Protection makes a racket

South Korean companies had worried that they would not receive the same advantages as Chinese companies (AAC Vol 4 No 12, Faith, Grace and intervention). However, Indigenisation Mi...

Frozen funds

The finance for the Congolese-Chinese joint venture has been held up and Kinshasa wants the mining companies to bridge the gap

China is withholding money that is needed to rehabilitate 700 kilometres of railway in Katanga and Kasai, leading the Congolese government to call on mining companies to raise the ...

Maputo’s pan-Asian business plan

The government is bringing in investment from every substantial economy in Asia to back its industrialisation and energy projects

From the roads and rail networks to telecoms, the energy sector and the myriad minerals buried in its soil, there has been a sharp spike in the presence of Asian companies in the s...

Diverse diplomats

The array of investments across the economy shows that the government is keen to see Mozambique diversify away from purely resource-based flows. The variety of Asian partners is a ...


Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Prime Minister, Turkey

In the past year, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has devoted renewed attention to foreign policy as he pursues greater regional influence. In August, he led a group of Muslim ...

Wylbur Simuusa

Minister of Mines, Zambia

Once known for his firey anti-Chinese rhetoric, Zambian President Michael Sata has moved on. He now refers to China as a partner who must behave responsibly in return for Zambia’s ...

Mahendra Siregar

Deputy Finance Minister, Indonesia

Mahendra Siregar led a trade delegation to Nigeria and Ghana on 25-30 September. Indonesia is cultivating Africa as an export destination: exports stood at US$3.5 bn. in 2010 and a...

Gwede Mantashe

African National Congress Secretary General, South Africa

Gwede Mantashe may have hoped for a quiet study tour in China, but it was not to be. The African National Congress Secretary General led a delegation to Beijing on 4-20 October, fo...