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Published 1st December 2012

Vol 6 (AAC) No 2

Beijing’s new team starts work

A woman walks past a hording displaying propaganda for the Chinese Communist Party. Qilai Shen / Panos
A woman walks past a hording displaying propaganda for the Chinese Communist Party. Qilai Shen / Panos

Image courtesy of Panos Pictures

Xi Jinping’s government will gradually switch from export-led growth to focus on domestic investment but will still need Africa’s oil and minerals

The character of the new all-male leadership of China’s Communist Party announced on 15 November will prove at least as important for Africa’s political and business elite as the United States presidential elections held a week earlier. The reason is economics: bilateral trade between China and Africa increased to US$127.3 billion by the end of 2011 from just $8 bn. in 2000. US trade with Africa hit a record $104.1 bn. in 2008 but fell to $94.3 bn. in 2011. China’s gross domestic product increased fourfold during the past decade under the outgoing government of President Hu Jintao.

Adapt or die

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A delegation of Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front Provincial Chairmen was in Beijing ahead of the historic 8 November Chinese Communist Party (CCP) conference and sea...

China Sonangol shows its hand

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Under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer Alain Fanaie, the former head of infrastructure and commodities at France’s Crédit Agricole, China Sonangol is making moves towards...

Mining companies face more scrutiny

Pressure is mounting on Kinshasa to publish details of the payments it receives from Chinese state mining companies

President Joseph Kabila’s beleaguered government in Kinshasa faces growing pressure from local authorities and civic activists to step up scrutiny of Chinese mining companies in th...

Asian ambassadors offer economic advice

Jettisoning their traditional reticence, Asian ambassadors to Zimbabwe are now advising the government on how to turn around the economy, build infrastructure and attract foreign i...

Tokyo’s Africa aid birthday

The Japan International Cooperation Agency celebrated twenty years of international assistance to African countries at the United Nations University on 30 November. JICA’s African ...

Political diamonds

Harare has lost hundreds of millions of dollars in tax from diamond smuggling: some of it will end up financing next year’s election campaign

The row over Zimbabwe’s missing diamond revenues will be at the centre of political campaigning ahead of next year’s general elections. Anti-corruption activists are accusing India...


Awad Ahmed el Jaz

Petroleum Minister, Sudan

Awad Ahmed el Jaz is a stalwart of the National Congress Party (formerly National Islamic Front, NIF), Sudan’s ruling party since 1989. He has played a critical role in both the de...

Isao Matsumiya

Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan

After an earthquake and tsunami devastated its eastern coastline and caused meltdowns at the Fukushima reactors in March 2011, Japan shut down all but two of its nuclear power plan...

Zainab Ibrahim Kuchi

Minister of State for Power, Nigeria

Only weeks into her new role as Minister of State for Power, Zainab Ibrahim Kuchi announced a major project to address Nigeria’s chronic power shortfall. In early November, she rev...

Anil Sardana

Managing Director, Tata Power

Anil Sardana is looking overseas to escape the constraints Indian markets place on his company. In April 2012, Tata Power formed a joint venture, Cennergi, with South Africa’s Exx...