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Published 1st November 2013

Vol 7 (AAC) No 1

Africa gets into the driving seat

Image courtesy of Panos Pictures
Image courtesy of Panos Pictures

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Governments are negotiating much more robustly with Chinese companies and cancelling those contracts they judge to be poor value

It had seemed that the big-ticket investors in African countries sponsored by China would be free to run rough-shod over investment and other legislation, given the fervour with which African countries sought foreign direct investment. The huge funds involved and the promise of accelerated development initially handed the bargaining advantage to Bejing. Now, it seems, the tide is turning and African governments are upping the ante. Business is increasingly done on African governments’ own terms. This little-noticed trend started some years ago in the oil sector and has gradually gained momentum.


KCM on the back foot

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With elections just two years ahead, the threat of job cuts unnerves the Lusaka government

Konkola Copper Mines, a subsidiary of Anil Agarwal's London-listed Vedanta Resources and Zambia’s second-largest copper producer, is having a rocky ride under the Patriotic F...

New plans for Simandou

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After China Power's alumina refinery deal in September, Chinalco and Rio Tinto plan to start production at the giant iron-ore mine

China Power Investment, which plans to build an alumina refinery at Boffa in western Guinea, is on the verge of succeeding where many other companies have failed or given up. A dea...

Sparklers for Beijing

Chinese companies are seeking new joint venture partners and buying stakes in established companies to increase the supply of rough diamonds to Chinese markets

While Beijing is getting ready to take its turn at the presidency of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, Chinese companies are busy launching a new investment drive in the ...

Essar on hold

Negotiations drag on but the relaunch of ZISCO will take place before year's end, according to the Commerce and Industry Minister

A new phase of China-Africa cooperation

Peace and security will move up the agenda

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi and his counterparts from 40 African governments came together for the Third Round of Political Consultations during the meeting of the Unite...

Chinese partners make mining projects viable

With less money around for mining investments, companies are taking on multiple partners

Like many other mining companies, Mwana Africa and its Chief Executive Officer Kalaa Mpinga are not just counting on one company for finance for future mining projects. With less m...

Trees fall in the forest

Inspections of Asian timber firms reveal violations of forestry laws by companies in Woleu-Ntem and Ogooué-Ivindo provinces

The Direction Provinciale des Eaux et Forets du Woleu-Ntem shut down the sawmill of the Société Linshen Gabon on 18 October. Inspectors found that the Chinese company...

China Kingho targets multiple projects

The privately-owned mining company is expanding its business activities to include mining, railway and electricity projects

China’s Kingho Energy has clinched an agreement with the Ministry of Energy for the construction of one thermal and three hydroelectric power plants in Sierra Leone. Minister...

Dilemmas over power cuts and shortages

With regular power outages and Harare in the grips of a water crisis, the government needs money fast

The inability of the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front government to maintain sufficient levels of food production, energy and water supplies is a major problem for l...

Huawei in corruption probe

Telecoms equipment left unclaimed at the port leads to a government investigation into the Chinese company

Ethiopia has launched an investigation into the illegal import of US$13 million in telecommunications equipment in the name of Ethio Telecom by Huawei Technolgies. The inquiry will...

Indian companies top the transparency pops

A Transparency International study shows Indian companies are ahead of the rest in reporting on their activities

Indian multinationals came out streets ahead of their BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – peers in a new report by Transparency International. TI ra...


Sunil Bharti Mittal

Chairman, Bharti Airtel, India

Beijing and New Delhi may profess that they are not in competition in Africa, but businessman Sunil Mittal made it clear in October that he regards Chinese companies as his major c...

Solomon Kerzner

Chairman, Kerzner International, South Africa

South Africa’s hotel and casino billionaire Sol Kerzner is going into business with China’s Fosun International. The deal is for a huge new resort on China’s Hain...

Le Duong Quang

Deputy Commerce and Industry Minister, Vietnam

The Vietnam-Africa Friendship and Cooperation Association elected Deputy Commerce Minister Le Duong Quang as its President for the 2013-2018 period at its 18 October national congr...

Tsuyoshi Okamoto

President, Tokyo Gas, Japan

Under Tsuyoshi Okamoto’s leadership, Japan’s Tokyo Gas is preparing to invest in its first liquefied natural gas projects in Africa. Executive Vice-President Shigeru Mu...