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Published 1st December 2013

Vol 7 (AAC) No 2


Unacceptable demands

Fisherman off the Gambian coast. Gary Calton / Panos
Fisherman off the Gambian coast. Gary Calton / Panos

Image courtesy of Panos Pictures

President Jammeh cuts Gambia’s diplomatic relations with Taiwan after his demands for millions of dollars were rebuffed

President Yahya Jammeh’s decision to cut diplomatic ties with Taipei came as a surprise, according to Taipei’s diplomats. Other officials, however, believe the move was linked to an ‘unacceptable’ request in January for money from Gambia’s President. The Banjul government announced that it would end its diplomatic recognition of Taiwan on 14 November. Jammeh justified the action, saying that it was a matter of ‘strategic national interest’. Nonetheless, after breaking ties with Taiwan, Banjul did not immediately switch its recognition to the People’s Republic of China and the Taipei government continues to send conflicting messages about the fallout.


KCM on the back foot

Image courtesy of Panos Pictures

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With elections just two years ahead, the threat of job cuts unnerves the Lusaka government

Konkola Copper Mines, a subsidiary of Anil Agarwal's London-listed Vedanta Resources and Zambia’s second-largest copper producer, is having a rocky ride under the Patriotic F...

A trillion-dollar promise

Chinese officials are still bullish about Africa but the IMF worries that the continent’s export growth will weaken as investment in China drops off

Despite talk of slower growth and less investment in China over the medium term, Chief Country Risk Analyst at the Export-Import Bank of China Zhao Changhui predicts that his bank ...

Africa is our future

With conflicting strategies pulling France in different directions, two senators map out a plan for cooperation with China in Africa

In a policy paper entitled L’Afrique est Notre Avenir (Africa is Our Future), the Senate sought to lay out France’s Africa policy and respond to China’s growing i...

Talks on illegal timber

China, the largest buyer of illegal timber, is working with the European Union and African governments to improve the global forestry trade

Governments from three continents have launched an unprecedented cooperative effort against the illegal forestry trade in Africa. Officials from Africa, Asia and Europe discussed w...

Football fever

Congo-Kinshasa wants to host major football tournaments and China is helping to prepare the country's mostly dilapidated stadiums

Congo-Kinshasa is bidding to host the 2019 African Cup of Nations, the continent’s most important football tournament. The Kinshasa government is counting on China’s he...

Construction boom ahead

Nigeria's state-backed mortgage provider FMBN is in talks with two Chinese financial institutions about a US$6 bn. loan for new housing

With the national population reaching 174 million this year, the the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria estimates the housing deficit at 17 mn. units. However, talks led by the FMBN ...

Move closer

After allowing China to open a trade office in November, São Tomé is fending off claims that it may abandon Taiwan, its diplomatic ally

Prime Minister Gabriel Costa is walking a fine line by encouraging investment from both China and Taiwan. Chinese oil companies play a crucial role in oil exploration, but Taiwan o...


Mamphela Ramphele

Leader, Agang South Africa

According the party’s website, ‘Agang, which means “build” in Sesotho, stands for clean government to restore the promise of freedom to all South Africans: ...

Astan Coulibaly

Candididate for the Mouvement Destin Commun, Mali

The Shanghai-born pharmacist is standing in Mali’s 25 November and 15 December legislative elections and is the country's first candidate to hold Chinese citizenship.

Dai Zhikang

Chairman, Shanghai Zendai Property, China

The Hong Kong-listed property developer announced in November an investment of about US$8 billion to transform the Modderfontein suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa, into a metrop...

Justine Greening

International Development Secretary, Britain

International Development Secretary Justine Greening took British companies on an investment tour of Tanzania and told them that the London government must emulate Beijing if Briti...