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Published 10th May 1996

Vol 37 No 10

Central African Republic

Angel on a pinhead

A small mutiny caused a big panic and reasserted French influence in Bangui

President Ange-Félix Patassé in his Sango-language speeches vaunts his nationalism and his refusal to take orders from Paris, as his predecessors did. Yet when angry soldiers broke out of barracks and took control of the capital from 18 to 21 April, Patassé restored order thanks to the French military help he had begged for.

Debts to Déby

For want of an alternative, Paris is resigned to Déby winning a mandate

After 35 years of independence and 30 of civil war, Chad will hold its first pluralist election on 2 June. Once a warlord and now President, Idriss Déby is favoured to win, partly ...

Getting to the people

Africa is in the front line of President Wolfensohn's reforming bank

Each new President of the World Bank stamps his personality on the institution by reorganising its staff and functions. James Wolfensohn, who started his Presidency last June, has ...

What happened in Harare?

Discussions with several African finance ministers this year about the lack of technical capacity in the region have convinced World Bank President James Wolfensohn that this issue...

Missing person

Poison pen letters and Abacha's absences are causing concern in Abuja

What can account for General Sani Abacha's continuing absences from public functions? One reason suggested by those close to the Aso Rock headquarters is that Abacha and his wife, ...


No vote, no peace

Hostilities look set to flare again if the United Nations Security Council endorses the withdrawal of the UN Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (Minurso) in a debate this...

Bucks and trucks

A bizarre deal involving China, Israel and Sudanese oil is being put together two weeks after the United Nations imposed diplomatic sanctions on Khartoum for its involvement in ter...

Past and present

The spectres of past elections and battles haunted the Presidential poll to be held on 9 May. Parliamentary elections are due in June. President Yoweri Museveni was relying on supp...

Gold gain goes

BHP-Utah, the country's biggest foreign mining concern, is selling up and pulling out of Mali. And according to an industry source it blames 'an unhappy mix between arrogant Austra...