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Published 16th February 1996

Vol 37 No 4


Keeping what peace?

The warlords behind the six-year conflict want to take control of the peacekeeping operation from the ECOMOG troops

Who rules Liberia? At present, nobody. Since 1990, the nearest thing to a national authority has been the peacekeeping force of the Economic Community of West African States. Formally, the Monitoring Group (ECOMOG) depends upon ECOWAS but its power derives mainly from Nigeria, whose troops (along with those of Ghana) dominate it. Some Liberian warlords now say they want to reclaim sovereignty for Liberians.

Kérékou tries a comeback

A former dictator tries an electoral comeback in a test of Benin's democratic stamina

Next month's presidential election is important not just for the Beninese, who will give their verdict on five years of economic reform, but more widely as a test for multi-party d...

Aydeed again

Somalia map Copyright © Africa Confidential 1996-2016
Somalia map Copyright © Africa Confidential 1996-2016

With the biggest funds and armouries, Aydeed is back on the offensive

By capturing Hoddur town in mid-January, General Mohamed Farah Hassan 'Aydeed' put himself back in the game. His forces now threaten Beled Weyne, which they lost in October 1994. A...

Shrinking horizons

President Egal hasn't yet managed to provide the constitution he and his country need

Breakaway Somaliland, five years old and still unrecognised by the outside world, has acquired a national anthem. In a rare display of unity, President Mohamed Ibrahim Egal’s...

Viva Bafana Bafana

South Africa's victories help heal old wounds and highlight Africa's soccer skills

It was a political as much as a sporting triumph when South Africa’s national team, Bafana Bafana (‘The boys, the boys’) stormed through to the African Cup of Nat...


Dividing Africa

The World Bank is abuzz with speculation about reorganisation following an internal memo on 8 February confirming the appointment of two new Vice-Presidents for its Africa Region. ...

Sanctions steam

A head of steam is again building up for tougher sanctions against General Sani Abacha's government. A January review in Washington, we hear, considered three categories of sanctio...

A barbouze returns 

A figure from the past has popped up again in central Africa. Christian Tavernier, a Belgian ex-colonel, commanded the 14th Commando Battalion of the Congolese National Army when i...

Fast one

One of Africa's most reluctant converts to multi-party politics has pulled a fast one on his critics. Sixteen years after he led a coup against his uncle, President Teodoro Obiang ...