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Published 11th June 2004

Vol 45 No 12


The Kivus jolt Kinshasa, again

The revolt in remote Bukavu threatens the peace and Kabila's transitional regime

The capture of Bukavu by General Laurent Nkunda's rebels on 2 June sent tremors across the country. It was a huge blow to the power-sharing government in Kinshasa and the attempt to build a new national army from former government soldiers and different rebel factions. Almost everyone except Eastern Congo's rebels looks weaker as a result. At first, Congolese workers and students demonstrated against the impotence of government and United Nations' peacekeepers in the face of rebel fire. Quickly the protests turned to riots in Kinshasa, Kisangani, Kindu and Lubumbashi. UN offices were attacked and robbed, about 30 vehicles were burnt and UN peacekeepers shot dead at least three looters in Kinshasa. President Joseph Kabila's year-old transitional government lost even more popular support and the opposition took advantage. In Kinshasa on 3 June, tens of thousands of demonstrators brandished the old flag of Zaïre, sang the Mobutist national anthem and chanted the late President Mobutu Sese Seko's name.

Peace without honour

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The Khartoum government's genocide in Darfur overshadows the North-South peace deal

The Naivasha peace deal of 26 May was signed under the dark shadow of the National Islamic Front regime's genocide in Darfur (AC Vol 45 Nos 9, 10 & 11). The contradiction was o...

A good deal missing

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Three documents were signed on 26 May in Kenya by the National Islamic Front regime and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army. The protocols were: On Power Sharing, On the Re...

The road from Nyala to El Geneina

Between Kass and El Geneina, there was not one village that had not been burnt. Between Zalingei and Geneina, Africa Confidential counted 18 villages destroyed, some of them substa...

Sam's man

SWAPO's new flagbearer offers Nujomaism without Nujoma at the helm

It was the result President Sam Nujoma wanted. The congress of the governing South West African People's Organisation on 28-29 May chose party Vice-President Hifikepunye Pohamba as...

Did they vote for this?

The new President's main opponent could not beat him – so he joined him

Opposition darling Gwanda Chakuamba, leader of the Mgwirizano alliance, shocked Malawians by taking his Republican Party (RP) into the governing coalition led by the United Democra...

A very private war

A Pretoria-based military company is at the centre of a security row in Iraq

South African-based Erinys International (AC Vol 45 No 4) and its affiliate Erinys Iraq have secured the renewal of their US$50 million contract, awarded by Iraq's Coalition Provis...

Winners and losers

The election has seriously weakened the UDF, although its candidate, Bingu wa Mutharika, won the presidency with 36 per cent of the vote. Over 20 cabinet ministers and senior UDF ...


Fly me, I'm Moroni

Ghana Airways, the bankrupt state airline, is to get a helping hand from an unlikely and controversial source ­ two Mormon-owned companies from Salt Lake City in the United Sta...

Send for Tintin

A Belgian judge has issued an international arrest warrant for a senior member of President Joseph Kabila's team, Jean-Charles Okoto. He is in charge of organisation and recruitmen...

Chez Ntemba spreads its wings

Lubumbashi-born K.W. Kayembe, perhaps Africa's most successful nightclub entrepreneur, is to open a new venue, in Manor House, North London. Kayembe established his first Chez Ntem...