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Published 5th November 2004

Vol 45 No 22

South Africa

Drama in the Durban dock

Deputy President Jacob Zuma's future is on the line as his friend and financial advisor goes on trial

The two most powerful men in the country's politics flanked grieving widow Linda Makhaye at the funeral of African National Congress firebrand Dumisani Makhaye on 30 October. To Ms. Makhaye's right, an immaculately suited President Thabo Mbeki stared into the middle distance and to her left, Deputy President Jacob Zuma bowed his head, clutching a pen and some scribbled notes. An ebullient, self-educated activist, Zuma is a world apart from the cerebral, reserved Mbeki. Both are playing for the highest stakes as positioning starts for the presidential succession, due in 2009. Like Zuma, Dumisani Makhaye was a local hero in KwaZulu-Natal. When Zuma began his eulogy, the 10,000-strong crowd started singing tributes to both Zuma and the late Dumisani.

Economic trumps

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The government focuses on economics and shows no desire to challenge the ruling family

The new cabinet, appointed in July, has spent its first quarter quietly demonstrating that it's the economic reformists' dream. It has implemented many of the measures for which th...

A government of economics and security

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This is an analysis of who is who in Egypt's new goverment, including Prime Minister Ahmed Nazeef, Finance Minister Youssef Boutros Ghali and Investment Minister Mahmoud Mohieddin.

Battle for the palace

The presidential candidates are campaigning although the election timetable is unworkable

Campaigning for the presidential election due next July has started early. President Joseph Kabila set the ball rolling on 16 October with a groundbreaking visit to Kisangani, almo...

A very private war II

Erynis Iraq replies to Africa Confidential

Further to your article 'South Africa/Iraq: A very private war' of 11 June 2004 (AC Vol 45 No 12), we wish to respond to the allegations made.

Militant diplomacy

Kigali's muscular foreign policy has won a grudging respect

A decade after, most of the regime's diplomatic responses are still conditioned by the genocide and the failure of the United Nations and Western states to help stop the mass murde...

Lacklustre and listless

President Biya wins a shoddy election while the opposition carps on the sidelines

As President Paul Biya settles in to his fifth consecutive term of office, with seven more years stretching ahead, there is no sign of any serious challenge to the 71-year-old's al...


Loaded magazine

Romanian-born Captain Avram Moskovitch wants £500,000 (US$918,850) from Ghana's state-owned Graphic Communications Group. This is in return for his 49 per cent stake in Afrim...

Green light

Donors will give Angola the benefit of the doubt and hold a pledging conference next year. On 15 October in Luanda, Karel de Gucht, Belgian Foreign Minister, said Belgium was prepa...

Faustian deal

Zine el Abidine Ben Ali's vote of 94.49 per cent in the 24 October presidential poll was no surprise; the established opposition said it couldn't compete with his Rassemblement Con...

A Nujoma dynasty?

With former Foreign Minister Hidipo Hamutenya and his supporters demoted in a purge orchestrated by outgoing President Sam Nujoma, many MPs elected in the 15-16 November polls will...