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Published 5th August 2005

Vol 46 No 16


Without Garang

The sudden death of Southern leader John Garang has brought riots and new fears for the future

The death of the man who led Southern Sudan in its war with the Khartoum government for 22 years has stunned the country. Three weeks previously as part of January's peace accord, John Garang de Mabior had been sworn in as Sudan's first Southern, non-Muslim First Vice-President amid jubilation from Southerners and many Northerners (AC Vol 46 No 15). On the news of his death in a helicopter crash on 30 July, many people were convinced that the Islamist regime had assassinated the leader of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army.

Garang's last journey

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A little girl runs along a path, pulling a monkey on a length of twine, a gift from one of her uncles. The girl is Atong, aged eight, youngest of the six children of John Garang de...

Half a cheer for democracy

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Promises of reform mix uneasily with baton charges on opposition parties

'I am certain of my choice,' President Hosni Mubarak told the audience in his old school on 27 July, announcing his candidacy for a fifth term. 'I choose a strong, a democratic, Eg...

Oil, dollars and votes

Elections and energy security are focusing more attention on the region's flashpoints

An economic revolution is brewing along Africa's western seaboard. So far, its regional organisations - the Economic Community of West African States and the Southern African Devel...

Dancing partners

President Kibaki praises the dissident Odinga and is embarrassed by his friend Murungaru

The bizarre pas de deux between President Mwai Kibaki and cabinet dissident Raila Odinga raises doubts as to whether the President can win the national referendum on the new consti...

Reining in the military

Another coup tests the region's resolve to outlaw military rule and resolve its cross-border conflicts

The ousting of President Maaouia Ould Sid Ahmed Taya on 3 August by army officers in Mauritania and popular support for it in Nouakchott follows several coup attempts over the past...

Trying talks

After the disputed elections, government and opposition edge warily towards an accommodation

Many opposition members of parliament are likely to take their seats after signs of progress from the first round of talks between government and opposition parties to discuss frau...


Full circle

The troubled Sengamines diamond operation is back where it started six years ago when a group of Gulf Arab businessmen and Zimbabwean generals carved out a chunk of the state's min...

Prizes for all

Everyone claimed victory in the referendum of 28 July (AC Vol 46 No 15). The National Resistance Movement has been strengthened because it won the 'Yes' vote it had advocated.

Inside track

Concern is mounting about the fate of army Spokesman and former Director of External Intelligence Colonel Patrick Karegeya, embroiled in a power struggle within the ruling Front Pa...

On edge

Recounts in three regions are possible after losing candidate Malam Bacai Sanhá disputed provisional election results giving former military ruler João Bernardo 'Nino...