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Published 7th October 2005

Vol 46 No 20

Turning the corner

Activists, businesses and politicians are driving a new economic dynamic on the continent

The mood of 'hopeful realism' about Africa at the annual meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund on 24-25 September reflected a growing view that the current upturn in economic growth and political stability is sustainable. Chief proponents of a more positive appraisal are governments - African, Asian and Western - and international organisations. Private corporations, apart from the big oil and mining companies, still try to steer clear of Africa and it registers less foreign direct investment than any other region. Africa offers the highest returns on capital in the world but suffers from an appalling business image. Its dynamic new generation of private entrepreneurs, exporting flowers from Rwanda and Kenya and processing data on parking tickets from New York in Ghana, is hardly known.

In the driving seat

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Khartoum's Islamists are confident of dominating the Government of National Unity

The list of appointments to the new Government of National Unity (GNU) confirms that it is not much concerned about national unity. The National Islamic Front/National Congress Par...

Bad marriage vows

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Under the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, the National Congress Party (NCP) aka National Islamic Front (NIF) gets 52 per cent of ministers in the Government of National Unity, the S...

No polls, no peace

Mediators come and go but President Gbagbo wants to go on and on

President Laurent Gbagbo and United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan agree on one thing: elections cannot be held on 30 October. This is at once obvious and crushing. The one h...

Billing and couping

Malabo has made no progress in its campaign to ensnare alleged Western coup plotters

As usual, the lawyers emerged as the real winners after the failed coup against President Teodoro Obiang Nguema in March 2004 (AC Vol 46 Nos 8 & 9). Ever since, Obiang and his ...

Flying with Solo B

The SLPP has chosen its flag bearer for the 2007 polls, with corruption the main issue

Only a political avalanche could alter the dominance of the governing Sierra Leone People's Party before the elections in February 2007. Vice-President Solomon Berewa, also known a...

Ravalomanana Inc.

The President's foreign friends admire him but he is less revered at home

President Marc Ravalomanana runs Madagascar like one of his own successful companies. The buck stops at the top and poorly performing executives or ministers are sacked without wor...

They were all contenders

Delegate conferences of the Sierra Leone People's Party and the All People's Congress last month produced new party leaderships, ready for the February 2007 elections. There were e...


Post haste

On 4 October the Post newspaper of Cameroon published a front-page story alleging corrupt links between Social Democratic Front leader Ni John Fru Ndi and President Paul Biya. The ...

Out and about

The former Director of Rwanda 's External Security Organisation, Colonel Patrick Karegeya, has been released after being held for five months without trial at Mulindi military pris...

A judge on his travels

Justice Peter Smith of the London High Court found himself unable to assemble the necessary witnesses for a civil action by the Zambian government, in which it is alleged that ex-P...

Congo connection

Where next for the Lord 's Resistance Army? Some 400 LRA fighters under deputy commander 'Brigadier' Vincent Otti crossed into north-east Congo-Kinshasa last month from Southern Su...