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Published 8th January 1999

Vol 40 No 1

Africa scrambles for Africa

Image courtesy of Panos Pictures
Image courtesy of Panos Pictures

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In the wars engulfing Central Africa, soldiers and business people are redrawing Africa's state system at terrible human cost

At the heart of Africa, the Congo-Kinshasa war has dragged more than a dozen states into its vortex and dealt a powerful blow to the tottering state system established on the continent over the past 40 years. Historians with a taste for symmetry suggest that Africa’s post-colonial state system may prove to have begun and finished with crises in the Congo. The differences at each end of the process are striking.

Out on a limb

Remote Caprivi is the route to Zambia and Zimbabwe and secessionism is growing

Remote Caprivi is the route to Zambia and Zimbabwe and secessionism is growing The first real test of post-Independence national unity looms with the emergence of a secessionist mo...

Small but strategic

The Caprivi Zipfel (Strip) is a 500-kilometre-long finger of land which connects north-eastern Namibia to Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is named after a German Chancellor, Gene...


The long arm

The Pinochet effect persists in Britain with the trial, now expected this March, of a Sudanese doctor who is charged with committing torture and omitting to prevent it in Sudan (AC...

Medical advice

Suffering from one of his recurrent bouts of malaria and against medical advice, President Jerry John Rawlings insisted on personally addressing, inter alia, the armed forces, the ...

More couscous

Many of the country's elite were among those sentenced on 23 December after Tunisia’s largest ever drugs trial. This was held amid deep secrecy and intense security and under a bla...