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Published 20th March 1998

Vol 39 No 6

African roadshow rolls

At last there are signs of Washington's new thinking on Africa as President Clinton sets off on a six-stop tour

Above all, President Bill Clinton’s 23 March - 2 April trip to Africa is an attempt to change the American perception of Africa: that the world’s poorest continent - albeit the home of Nelson Mandela, and some of the best musicians and soccer players in the world - should be accorded the same respect as Asia and Latin America. Domestically (and that’s what counts in Washington’s foreign policy) the trip will be counted a success if media interest goes beyond war and famine issues, and if US business, currently wrong-footed by the Asian meltdown, starts looking more seriously at productive investment in Africa.

Moses in the wilderness

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Kaunda's detention has sharpened Chiluba's battle with oppositionists and donors

Africa’s only constitutional ‘Christian Nation’ was shaken by the events of 25 December, when ex-President Kenneth Kaunda, once called the nation’s saviour,...

The untouchables

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Scepticism abounds as President Moi promises to crack down on corruption

The tactical war between President Daniel arap Moi's government and the National Convention Executive Council is on again. This time it is driven by popular anger at the rising cos...

Union is strength

As President Mugabe's credibility fades, a union leader looks like the coming man

The lifts at Chester House on Speke Avenue in Harare no longer run up to the tenth floor, where the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions has its head office. They stop at the ninth, a...

A budget for believers

Surprisingly, Trevor Manuel's budget wins plaudits from capitalists and communists

For presentation, Finance Minister Trevor Manuel’s 11 March budget announcement got full marks. Focusing on the country’s critical demand for education and jobs, Manuel...


Carpet crossing

Talk of ouverture or power-sharing in Abidjan has been scuppered by the defection of leading oppositionist Adama Coulibally to the ruling Parti Démocratique de la Côte...

Who's in charge?

A new confrontation is brewing over control of the African Development Bank. On 23 March in Abidjan, the governors from 12 leading member countries will make their plans for the an...

Talking gas

The prospect of gas, and of customers for it, has sparked a wave of exploration in Mozambique and helped boost two planned industrial corridors - from Beira along the old railway a...