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Published 1st May 2011

Vol 4 (AAC) No 7


Shine on you crazy diamond

Image courtesy of Panos Pictures
Image courtesy of Panos Pictures

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The diamond mines have been closely guarded by the Angolan elite and a Chinese company is set to make its first investment in Angola’s precious stones

The ownership and control of the multi-billion-dollar China Sonangol joint venture continue to baffle business people in Luanda. Ask officials from Beijing about China Sonangol and the response is an embarrassed disavowal and an insistence that it is purely a commercial entity. However, a few months of research into China Sonangol’s corporate structure have revealed clear links to the Chinese state and its agencies (AAC Vol 2 No 12). Having recruited African businessmen such as Guinea’s former Mines Minister Mahmoud Thiam, who knows Wall Street as well as Africa’s big mining houses, China Sonangol is expanding operations, winning political influence in Africa and pushing out more timid commercial competitors.

China Sonangol still hungry

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China Sonangol and its subsidiaries continue to make Angolan acquisitions. In February, China Sonangol won three deep-water pre-salt oil (equity) concessions in Blocks 19, 20 and 3...

From Dakar to Durban

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Tokyo has a global policy agenda and it sees Africa, with more than 50 countries and UN votes, as a valuable ally

Japan played a diplomatic blinder in Dakar in May, collecting not just a sackful of goodwill but solid sub-Saharan support for two of its key international priorities – action on c...

Give without counting

The Chinese government is slowly changing its aid reporting statistics so that its programmes can be compared to those of other donors

It began with ‘China is a developing country’ and ended by shedding some – but not much – light on Beijing’s global aid programmes. In April, China’s State Council released the gov...

Making room for friends

London-listed Madagascar Oil’s battles with the Malagasy government are heating up. The two sides are now heading for international arbitration. The dispute arose when the Haute Au...

Chasing China

Indian diplomats cannot stop talking about Chinese operations in Africa and are getting more serious about trying to outdo them

New Delhi’s not so secret competition with Beijing is heating up ahead of the second India-Africa Forum in Addis Ababa on 24-25 May. India’s diplomats are adopting Beijing’s most s...

Big plans, small city-state

Singapore is widening its net in Africa. The city-state’s trade with sub-Saharan Africa reached US$8.4 billion in 2009 and it punches above its weight in financial terms. Geographi...


Manuel Vicente

Chairman and CEO, Sociedade Nacional de Combustíveis de Angola

Angola is the largest African supplier – and the second-largest worldwide – of crude to China. To mark the importance of this relationship, on 15 April, Vicente received an honour ...

Li Changchun

Member, CCP Central Committee Politburo Standing Committee

The Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda chief was in Kenya and Mozambique in late April, forging better links with their ruling parties and media. He took his message of cooperati...

Maite Nkoana-Mashabane

Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, South Africa

South Africa is now a junior member of BRICS, the group of emerging economies that in some heady assessments will tilt the balance of global power. President Jacob Zuma and his tea...

Sanjay Kirloskar

Chairman and Managing Director, Kirloskar Brothers

India-Africa trade will grow to US$75 billion by 2015, according to Anand Sharma, India’s Commerce Minister. With trade now at $45 bn., India’s most influential business associatio...