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Published 2nd August 1996

Vol 37 No 16

South Africa

White power

White Zulus now mastermind Inkatha's tactics but their ultimate aims remain unclear

Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi is still the boss. But his management of the Inkatha Freedom Party's closed-door congress in Ulundi on 27-28 July placed him more tightly on the side of his own hardline clique of 'white Zulus', sidelining the 'modernists' who want to make Inkatha the heart of a nation-wide black opposition.

Pré carré revisted

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Gaullist by belief and pragmatic by nature, Chirac gets nostalgic in Africa

When he came to power 14 months ago, President Jacques Chirac promised a new French policy for Africa. This he failed to deliver during his visit to Gabon and Congo on 16-18 July. ...

Biya good boy

More tactician than playboy, the President has a talent for confusing his opponents

Paul Biya's glamorous young wife, Francesco Smalto suits and frequent private trips to Europe may suggest a political playboy. Yet the President is a considerable tactician and has...

Dust on the diamonds

Like Mandela and Mugabe, Masire has to settle the succession issue

On the face of it, Sir Ketumile Masire's Presidency has been a roaring success. For 16 years, he has run one of Africa's most stable and prosperous countries. Masire's Botswana Dem...


Buyoya perhaps

Despite the decision by regional leaders meeting in Arusha on 31 July to impose sanctions on Burundi's new military government until it returns to constitutional rule, internationa...

Digging deep

The discovery of a gigantic oil and gas field that could more than double national output greatly strengthens a government which has looked besieged by Islamists. It allows Preside...

Naming of parts

Following our feature on 'private armies' (AC Vol 37 No 15) our investigations have discerned three distinct types of security organisation…