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Published 15th March 1996

Vol 37 No 6


Advocates, advisors and accountants

No one could describe General Sani Abacha as a convert to market economics yet the policy of 'guided deregulation' begun last year is certainly his own. Whilst he was mourning the death of his eldest son Ibrahim in January, what passed for a debate produced three differing policy positions: reflating the economy by more government spending; regulating almost every element of the economy from the centre; more 'guided deregulation'.

Eyes right

President Moi expects an easy election win as the opposition alliance breaks apart

A chronically divided opposition, more acquiescent donors and some economic growth help explain President Daniel arap Moi's cheeriness. After a cataract operation in Israel in mid-...

Which foreign policy?

New diplomats and some new policies may help Pretoria's lack-lustre diplomacy

A much praised political transition, a President of unimpeachable moral authority, and a core of skilled and experienced diplomats should have given South Africa a dynamic foreign ...

Against the grain

Mixing privatisation and public policy in food supply is a recipe for scandal and high prices

Scams, scandals, sackings and rumours of starvation surround the Grain Marketing Board's transition from public control to the arena of market forces. General Manager Renson Gasela...

Lessons not learned

A new report explaining why aid agencies fail in emergencies may still not help Burundi

Reluctance to act on clear warning signs of a catastrophe in Rwanda and a lack of political will by United Nations members are to blame for international donors' failure to stem th...


More Lon – less Rho

Nothing is sacrosanct as Lonrho chairman Dieter Bock unsentimentally cuts the conglomerate down to size. In Zimbabwe the disposals have included major ranchlands, Lonrho House head...

Low flying

At least two aircraft which until recently were in service with the Royal Air Force's Queen's Flight are now in operation in support of security and mercenary operations in Angola ...

British bail-out

In its bid to resuscitate its Sudan oil project Canadian-based Arakis Energy is to be drip-fed US$56.9 million by little known British finance group Venture Guarantee Limited in re...

Born-again poll

The prospect of former dictator Mathieu Kérékou returning to power as elected President worries those who argue that economic liberalisation must go hand-in-hand with democratisati...