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Published 19th March 2004

Vol 45 No 6

Equatorial Guinea

All in the family

A failed plot to overthrow President Obiang is the first act in the unfolding succession drama

Ten days after the unravelling of a bizarre plot to oust him, President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo strode into the People's Palace on 17 March to tell a press conference that the crisis was over and the government's morale was high, thanks to support from Angola, South Africa and Zimbabwe. For now, Obiang may be able to hold the regime together but there is no sign that he can heal the divisions in Malabo's ruling clique (AC Vol 45 No 3). The fratricidal struggles between the clans which have ruled Equatorial Guinea since Independence from Spain look irreconcilable Almost all the ruling group are from Mongomo town on the mainland part of the country. The Mongomo clan, which dominates the armed forces and the presidential entourage, is in fact a set of different clans and factions that holds power. It is part of the larger Fang ethnic group, which spreads into neighbouring Cameroon and Gabon.

Who fired the missiles?

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Kigali rejects French claims that its fighters shot down President Habyarimana's plane

Diplomatic relations between Paris and Kigali have sunk to their lowest level for a decade in a new row over Rwanda's genocide. On 16 March, President Paul Kagame accused France of...

Gideon's bible

The central bank govenor's anti-corruption drive may be part of a bigger plan

To the surprise of sceptics, Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono is enforcing new disciplines in the economy and catching out some well connected business people. Several of those ar...

Le Para moves east

On 9-10 March, fighting in Chad's Tibesti region, near the Niger border, indicated that fighters from Algeria's biggest active Islamist militia, the Groupe Salafiste de Préd...

Murder in Gambella

Massacres near the Sudan border show the problems of ethnic provinces - and oil

In December 2003, more than 400 Anyuak people were killed in a single day in Gambella, western Ethiopia. The massacre set off a wave of other murders and attacks on Anyuak (or Anyu...

A man for election seasons

Algerians dislike their clever President but they'll probably re-elect him

On 8 April, Abdelaziz Bouteflika will almost certainly become Algeria's first civilian president to win re-election. If he does, it will reflect less on his popularity than his hol...


Ruberwa's rift

A dangerous rift has opened at the top of the transitional government, between President Joseph Kabila and Azarias Ruberwa, one of the four vice-presidents and leader of the larges...

Fraud and the Fund

The International Monetary Fund is unconvinced by President Yahya Jammeh's anti-corruption campaign and the trial of five central bank officials on foreign exchange offences

Vaulting ambition

The presidential spin-doctor, Information Minister Jonathan Moyo, hopes for a parliamentary seat now that electors in Tsholotsho (his home area) in Matebeleland North, have selecte...

Aristide's lavalas

Suddenly everyone's going to Bangui. Haiti's ousted President, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, may have had little choice but oil executives are also beating a path to President Fran&ccedi...