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Published 6th January 2006

Vol 47 No 1

Oil and oligarchs

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Oil bonanzas, succession struggles and post-war elections make an explosive regional cocktail

There is hot speculation about whether President Olusegun Obasanjo wants to amend the constitution and secure a third term which, according to some elder statesmen, could damage hi...

Electoral expectations

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A successful conclusion to Congo-Kinshasa's transition will reshape the region

Congo-Kinshasa starts the year with two unexpected boosts to its election programme: the 18-19 December constitutional referendum secured both a high voter turnout and a massive 'y...

Ponderous politicians

Political change is lagging well behind the governments' market economic strategies

EGYPT: President and retired airforce General Hosni Mubarak retains great faith in his political longevity. He cracks down on dissenters, reflected in the five-year gaol term hande...

Trials and tribulations

Ambitious politicians and their supporters do battle with the judiciary

SOUTH AFRICA: The political caravan starts with the trial of sacked Deputy President Jacob Zuma on rape charges in February, immediately followed by local government elections in M...

Voters' voices

The electorates have spoken but the incumbent regimes don't want to listen

KENYA: The stand-off over the new constitution between President Mwai Kibaki's supporters and those of Raila Odinga will dominate politics. The best prospect for the government wou...