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Published 13th September 2002

Vol 43 No 18


Over the rainbow

The outgoing President Moi wants to pick his successor, despite the challenge from dissenters in the party's Rainbow Alliance

'There is no crisis in our country,' a stern-faced President Daniel arap Moi told a National Executive meeting of the ruling Kenya African National Union (KANU) on 9 September. Surrounding KANU's dreary headquarters building in central Nairobi were crowds of chanting supporters, some shouting allegiance to Moi's chosen successor, Uhuru Kenyatta, some backing the Rainbow Alliance, the KANU dissidents led by George Saitoti and Raila Odinga. As the party's chieftains argued inside, police chased the Rainbow dissenters away. The party that has dominated Kenyan politics for four decades is tearing itself apart. On 30 August the President sacked his scrupulously loyal Vice-President of ten years for undue ambition and accused a lifelong political ally of betrayal. Opposition politicians rubbed their hands and quietly met the Rainbow Alliance dissenters. If Odinga and Saitoti left the party, more than a third of its supporters could follow. Moi, his son Gideon, Nicholas Kipyator Biwott, Joshua Kulei and William Ruto - KANU's nomenklatura - are ready to take that risk. They seem convinced that Uhuru Kenyatta's presidential candidacy will bring them victory and political protection for the foreseeable future (AC Vol 43 No 15).

Paranoid or what?

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International pressure upsets President Taylor but brings peace no nearer

With so many peace initiatives competing for the international community's scarce resources, Liberia's peace process needs to keep up its momentum, and President Charles Taylor's c...

Running on empty

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Is the money running out, or might an oil war happen in the nick of time?

Iraq could yet rescue President Olusegun Obasanjo. The prospect of an United States invasion there is driving up the world price of oil, and oil contributes over 75 per cent of Nig...


Two weeks ago President Olusegun Obasanjo considered threats by the House of Representatives to impeach him if he didn't resign as 'a joke carried too far' by a group of politician...

Deep drift

The President and the capitalists wrangle about black empowerment and mining investment

Mining for precious minerals was the foundation of South Africa's urban riches, and the prime symbol of foreign capitalism, apartheid labour repression and racial monopoly. The Afr...

Strategic supplies

West Africa in general - and Nigeria in particular - is suddenly gaining from a re-evaluation of global strategy in the United States following the 11 September 2001 attacks. Relat...

Peace talk, but is it real?

The main warring factions will meet, all of them split and militant

The Burundian government is set to start negotiations with the two most formidable militias left out of the 2000 power sharing agreement government whose Tutsi president, General P...


Scot free

The escape from a 'maximum security' prison in Maputo of a man held for killing crusading editor Carlos Cardoso adds to suspicions that the government is concealing high level invo...


Refugees in the Horn are worried. The budget of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is falling. In Kenya, the operational budget was US$23.4 million in 1999 and is $1...

Saddam to Sharon

Arriving from Ethiopia as Africa Confidential went to press, the new Israeli Ambassador to Mauritania Ariel Kerem was summoned to present his credentials the day after landing in N...

Water music

The much-maligned World Summit on Sustainable Development may have pulled off one success, not so much in endorsing the goal of halving the number of those who lack access to water...