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Published 1st August 2010

Vol 3 (AAC) No 10

South Africa

A golden child in Zuma's family

Image courtesy of Panos Pictures
Image courtesy of Panos Pictures

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Political networks are helping a scion of the Zuma clan secure lucrative supply and production deals with Asian investors

The business empire of Khulubuse Zuma, a favourite nephew of President Jacob Zuma, is growing at breakneck speed and strengthened by a raft of opaque deals with Chinese and South Korean companies. Hardly known before his uncle took over the presidency in May 2009, Khulubuse Zuma has sealed several multimillion-dollar deals in mining and transport over the past few months. Rapidly growing joint ventures with China and South Korea are part of Khulubuse's strategy to see his empire reach the US$10 billion mark over the next decade.

Gadaffi guns for Seoul's spy

Image courtesy of Panos Pictures

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An espionage row is holding up progress on a US$438 million project.

An espionage row in which Libya expelled one of Seoul’s secret agents is holding up progress on a US$438 million project signed on 6 August between South Korea’s Daewoo Engineering...

Scepticism grows over STX houses

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A feistier opposition in Parliament demands more scrutiny on Seoul's multibillion-dollar housing deal

Members of Ghana's opposition are demanding more due diligence on the government's US$1.5 billion housing deal.

Beijing beams its messages

China's state-owned television, radio and news companies are working more closely with Africa's journalist corps

Beijing's 20-26 July seminar for developing countries on the topic of 'actively guiding' public opinion and creating a 'sound national image' is its latest response to the tide o...

Vietnam's two-way trade

More so than China or India, Vietnam has much in common with Africa's developing countries. Hanoi is also showing itself to be keener on learning from African experiences than its ...

Coalition of the controllers

Journalists and activists, pointing to the lack of press freedom and weak civil society in China, argue that Beijing's engagement will only encourage the same in Africa.

Hanoi's great leap forward

Although Vietnam lacks the investment billions of Asia's mega-economies, its development gains offer important lessons for Africa

The startling growth of its economy in the three decades after its war with the United States means Vietnam's strategies are of huge interest to many African states, war-torn or ...

Luanda's oil lifeline

Economic relations between Luanda and Beijing are getting even closer as Angola struggles with mounting debts while China becomes more dependent on Angolan oil. In mid-August, Fi...


Lee Yi Shyan

Minister of State for Trade & Industry

Singapore is making a renewed effort to boost its African trade. It falls to the Minister of Trade and Industry (MTI), Lee Yi Shyan, to make that happen. In July, the Minister pr...

Mswati III

King of Swaziland

Of Taiwan's four African allies, the staunchest has been Swaziland. At independence from Britain in 1968, King Sobhuza II declared allegiance to Taipei. Despite China's rise in ...

Liu Zhenmin

Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs

The cultivation of ties with the African Union is a lynchpin of China's courtship of the continent. To this end, China has built a new conference centre at the AU's headquarters ...

Frank Timis

Chairman, African Minerals

Two iron-hungry Chinese companies have thrown in their lot with one of the mining industry's more colourful figures. Vasile Frank Timis, a London-based, Romanian-Australian busi...