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Published 15th November 1996

Vol 37 No 23

Francophone friends

While Burkina wins influence and approval, Niger's military is still struggling

Under the steely gaze of the omnipresent vultures, preparations continue in Ouagadougou for the Franco-African summit due on 4-6 December. The meeting will confirm President Blaise Compaoré of Burkina Faso as a diplomatic heavyweight. It comes as France, under Gaullist President Jacques Chirac, is struggling to evolve a new policy towards its African ex-colonies and when events in nearby countries, including Niger, have dented hopes for an African 'democratic revolution' on the East European model.

Surviving and thriving

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Democracy seems to be working well here – to the irritation of military neighbours

The coup was a flop and President Alpha Oumar Konaré is looking even stronger than before. On 28 October Konaré's security services clamped down on a group of army officers, with a...


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In its Eastern Cape heartland, many think that the ANC needs to make radical changes

The province that was the cradle of African education, leadership and prosperity has come to be regarded by many as the country's worst governed and administered. Many of its citiz...

Shooting in the mansion

After fighting up country, the warlords bring their battles to the government offices

The personal vendettas in Monrovia are only part of the real battle for control of Liberia that is being fought out in the hinterland. All the signs are that Charles Taylor is once...


Kinshasa questions

France, the only country to have had a coherent policy on Zaïre, has like everyone else been thrown into confusion by the Kivu rebellion (AC Vol 37 No 22). Analysts on the Qua...

Prize and prejudice

The United States' government has moved to prevent what it claims to be a 'Libyan front organisation' in Geneva from paying $250,000 in prize money to militant American leader Loui...

In the palace

The face to face meetings between Polisario and Moroccan officials in September and October, the first for almost a decade, offer at least a fig leaf for the continuation of the Un...