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Published 1st May 2013

Vol 6 (AAC) No 7


Reality replaces Sata’s rhetoric

LUSAKA: A Chinese engineer supervises construction
LUSAKA: A Chinese engineer supervises construction

Image courtesy of Panos Pictures

On President Sata’s inaugural trip to China, Beijing’s former critic welcomed Chinese investment as long as it produces clear benefits for Zambia

In opposition, he lambasted the role of Chinese companies in the Zambian economy, but President Michael Chilufya Sata’s April state visit to China marked a point of closure on his previous criticism. At the 11 April Zambia-China Economic and Investment Forum organised by Zambia’s Beijing embassy and China Nonferrous Metals Company, President Sata declared: ‘Zambia needs capital, technology and personnel from China. Our focus is the development and progress investors could bring to Zambia, not their colours.’ The message was that Chinese investment is welcome, especially if it helps the Patriotic Front (PF) to deliver on election promises.

Teko trio on trial

Image courtesy of Panos Pictures

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Four years after their arrest, two Nambians and one Chinese national begin their defence against allegations of bribery and corruption

The much-anticipated trial in the US$55.3 million-Nuctech scanner case, in which the three defendants are charged with inflating invoices and pocketing a $12.8 mn. kickback, got of...

Kasai mines go to Anhui

The Chinese company that works with the Zimbabwean government in the controversial Marange fields has signed a major deal with Kinshasa

Thanks to a contract signed in Kinshasa on 18 March by Anhui Foreign Economic Construction Corporation’s Vice-President Bai Ziangqian, State Assets Minister Louise Munga Mesozi and...

Lu’s broadside at Western policy

China’s top Africa policymaker, Lu Shaye, took to the pages of the officially sanctioned China International Studies in March to slam the interventions by Western governments in Ce...

Middleman at the gate

On 26 April at the Libreville headquarters of Oil India Limited, Paul Maurice Tomo lay shirtless on the ground in front of a painted sheet that read: ‘Five years that this has las...

Crackdown on illegal miners

Gun battles, environmental degradation and tensions with local communities force the government to take a tough stance on illegal Chinese miners

The Ghana Immigration Service is to tighten up security at the country’s borders to stop the illegal entry of Chinese artisanal and small-scale miners (ASMs). Police Commissioner P...

Financing deals finally take off

More eye-catching Chinese loans to South Sudan hit the headlines in April, as did more uncertainty about what exactly has been agreed. A year to the day since South Sudan’s Preside...

Sinopec strike

Sinopec, the lead contractor on Ghana’s US$850 million gas project, halted work on 30 April citing payment delays and disputes with Ghana National Gas Company (GNGC).

One-horse race

The government cancelled the bidding for Uganda’s biggest hydropower project, the Karuma Falls Dam, pending a procurement review, after the selected bidder lied to the Ministry of ...


Salman Khurshid

External Affairs Minister, India

Salman Khurshid, Minister of External Affairs, was in Uganda on 17-18 April, on his first official visit to Africa. Ahead of the third India-Africa summit due in 2014, Khurshid wa...

Jin-Yong Cai

Chief Executive, International Finance Corporation

Jin-Yong Cai, Executive Vice-President and Chief Executive Officer of the International Finance Corporation, wants the IFC to source more private-sector funding for infrastructure ...

Arthur Mutambara

Deputy Prime Minister, Zimbabwe

Speaking at a conference on China-Africa relations hosted by Frontier Advisory in South Africa, Zimbabwe’s Deputy Premier Arthur Mutambara urged greater African regulation of Ch...