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Published 24th May 1996

Vol 37 No 11


Museveni's party

Museveni now has a mandate to tackle the economy – as long as the army is kept happy

Kaguta has won and the man better known as Yoweri Museveni is Uganda's first elected President, with 72.4 per cent of the vote. Museveni chose to run with his middle name (originally his surname) as it put him top on the alphabetically ordered ballot paper. His rivals (both from the country's most numerous people, the Baganda) were Paul Ssemogerere, the elderly Democratic Party veteran of most governments since Independence, who won 23.7 per cent of the vote and Muhammad Mayanja, with 2.1 per cent.

War in the north

Museveni swept to victory everywhere except in the north, where fighting continues

President Yoweri Museveni's victory may have given him over 74.2 per cent of the vote but it has not given him what many thought he needed most: a strong showing in the north. All ...

Inside or outside?

The National Party's departure from the government leaves Inkatha hanging loose

Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi greeted the National Party's walkout from government on 9 May with the remark that he wouldn't like to 'take a cue' from the NP. During the two- year spa...


Mugabe's reshuffle marked a more open style but it didn't promote a new generation

At long last, Zimbabwe has a minister in charge of its economy. The most significant name at President Robert Gabriel Mugabe's two-hour press conference on 9 May, when he announced...

Safer franc?

It is not only in Europe that there are worries about an eventual single currency

In April, French Finance Minister Jean Arthuis told a worried ministerial meeting of the Franc Zone in Chad that European Monetary Union (EMU) would not affect the mechanisms of th...

Sisters and brothers

The powerful women's movement is busy with the same agenda as male politicians

'KANU is out to protect women and children', declared President Daniel arap Moi at a 19 May rally at Molo. From whom or what the ruling Kenyan African National Union is out to prot...


Succession battle

On 7 May, four senior Cabinet ministers were sacked. A week later, two others resigned; more are expected to go soon. A squabble at the annual conference of the ruling Basotho Cong...

Asylum? No, thanks

The Economic Community of West African States' Accra 'Summit' on 6-8 May has bitten the dust (AC Vol 37 No 10). If things are not settled, we hear the Ecowas Chairman, Ghana's Pres...

Soldiers hold on

Democratisation is the slogan but the soldiers are not letting go. On 12 May, President Lamine Zeroual unveiled a political reform package which looks forward to a 'national confer...

Mad meat

There is growing concern among African officials about the row over Britain's 'mad cow disease' (BSE) and its effect on the region's meat trade. As soon as the European Union impos...