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Published 19th November 2004

Vol 45 No 23

Côte d'Ivoire

At war with the peacekeepers

The sacking of the armed forces Chief of Staff may herald a disastrous split in the army

Côte d'Ivoire is already split in two, but with refugees heading out of the former African success story to seek refuge in the ruins of Liberia, the question is whether the Ivorian army will fracture. If so, this would exacerbate an already grave crisis and allow Côte d'Ivoire to become Africa's latest failed state. President Laurent Gbagbo may have helped that process along on 13 November when he sacked General Mathias Doué and replaced him with Colonel Philippe Mangou, the Commander of the Yamoussoukro region who led the assault on the French base in Bouaké on 6 November. Mangou received a swift promotion to Colonel Major.

Gunning for Number 2

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Parliamentary Speaker Emmerson Mnangagwa stakes a claim to the succession

Feared and unpopular he may be but Parliamentary Speaker Emmerson Mnangagwa has now revealed himself to be a serious contender for the vacant vice-presidency. What is most remarkab...

Government versus party

Reformers reject Muluzi's legacy but the ruling party fights back

When Bingu wa Mutharika won the presidential election in May 2004, nobody expected much change from the previous ten years of Bakili Muluzi's presidency. One United Democratic Fron...

Khama's coming

Africa's most successful democracy will soon be run by a military man

The general elections of 30 October ended with a renewed majority of 31 seats for the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP). It was, predictably, a vote for no change - until the Vice-Pr...

Queuing for court

A long queue of cases waits to be heard in court, cases concerning crimes allegedly committed during the decade of Bakili Muluzi's presidency, when billions of kwacha leaked annual...

Murder by any name

The NIF keeps killing; the West offers aid and debt relief

The failure of the West's policy on Sudan - and in particular its failure to respond to the suffering in Darfur - was clear in the lead up to the meeting of the United Nations Secu...


Trial of strength

The decision by Equatorial Guinea to include three British citizens in legal proceedings in connection with an alleged mercenary-led coup apparently uncovered last March is a clear...

Russian roulette

A touted take-over of Gold Fields by Harmony Gold, both major South African companies, looks as though it may be about to fall flat on its face. Harmony is currently tabling a host...

Golden trial

The future of the official investigation into the US$600 million Goldenberg export fraud is in doubt. Africa Confidential has learned that several deadlines for its completion have...