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Published 9th September 2005

Vol 46 No 18


Power show

The epic battle between President Obasanjo and his deputy Abubakar is jolting the fragile political system

Locked in a deadly embrace, President Olusegun Obasanjo and his deputy Atiku Abubakar look like two men struggling on a cliff edge as they try to hurl each other into the ravine below. This epic battle, which now dominates politics in Nigeria, doesn't turn on policy or principle; it is a raw battle of power and personality (AC Vol 46 No 17). Vice-President Abubakar wants to stand for president in the 2007 election; President Obasanjo doesn't think he's up to the job of running what could by then be an economy worth US$80 billion a year, with a fast-growing oil and gas industry. Abubakar's supporters suspect that Obasanjo's public campaign against their man has its roots in the President's hidden plans to change the constitution and run for a third term.

Banana-skin vote

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There's many a slip ahead, in the referendum and its constitutional consequences

Kenyan voters will be asked to vote 'Yes' (a banana symbol) or 'No' (an orange) on 21 November, in a referendum on ratification of the proposed new constitution. The Chairman of th...

Githongo picks up the glove

Exiled anti-corruption czar John Githongo is to return to Kenya next month to hand a detailed dossier on his investigations into parliament's Public Accounts Committee. This follow...

Islamists at work

Al Itihaad al Islamia (AIAI, Islamic Unity), the most fervent and best organised of Somalia's Islamist groups, has links to several members of the Transitional Federal Government n...

Politics behind the trial

The accused Vice-President gives the unions a grip on economic policy

The tricky relationship between President Thabo Mbeki and the country's big trades unions has become intermingled with the corruption charges against Vice-President Jacob Zuma (AC ...

Karanga calling

The death of a military-politician creates a gap in the regional power play

Josiah Tungamirai, who died in South Africa on 25 August, served as Air Vice-Marshal and as Black Empowerment Minister. More importantly, he was the standard-bearer of the Karanga,...


The government cannot get to the capital, where Islamists and many others reject it

President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed's plans for foreign troops to provide the security he needs to allow him to go back to Mogadishu are still blocked. After much international pressur...


Terror imperative

Britain will soon have defence attachés (DAs) in Algeria and Sudan but will lose its DA in Angola and probably other African countries to pay for them. A sergeant is prepari...


Relations with the European Union are cooling sharply. EU election observers roundly criticised the 15 May general elections, infuriating Premier Meles Zenawi. The head of the EU E...


Hardline measures against dissident soldiers and journalists point to government nervousness before March's elections . In power since 1986, President Yoweri Museveni will contest ...

Private coups

With over 10,000 peacekeepers in country, France and the United Nations are pressing President Laurent Gbagbo to demobilise his militias (AC Vol 46 No 14). He has been rattled by e...